Putting the i into the iPhone: Apple to internationalise 3G


Believe it or not, the iPhone isn’t yet international, at least not as quantified by the boundaries of 3G networks. Even in Canada –and for a variety of reasons including Bell’s CDMA network– the iPhone has been stuck with Robbers Rogers and garnered an unfair evaluation as expensive. Well, 5 November, things changed with Bell’s launch, if only a little. Not only has the tyranny of one been dropped from Canada (and ostensibly soon in the States) with the entry of a Bell-Telus partnership, but the next iPhone (don’t we love to hear about it?) may carry a multilingual Qualcomm 3G chip which will allow the spread of Jesus to all corners of the globe.

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Even Google are giving Canada a nod

Even Google are giving Canada some grace!

Today, I hope you are with your families, or out with your mates, having knocked down a few and fallen over a few more. In any case, today is a well-deserved holiday for the great maple country. What does that mean for the Canadian TMA? Holiday? No way. Reviews as usual, but we want to thank you again for your continued support. We love getting positive feedback, and when the opposite comes, then we break out our medicine and take it like a nerve-less man.

Aw, well, thanks anyway! In the spirit of the holiday, check out these new Thanksgiving apps which need your money; I’m quite sure they are not meant for Canadians, but who cares? New 2009 T-Day apps below:

TIITF Software, Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.0 MB

NevilleArchitecture, iHost: Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.9 MB
iHost: Thanksgiving

Google Street View comes to Canadian iPhones – zip up your flies


Downtown amidst the grind of rush in our country's largest city

The usually staunch and circumspect Canada, has prepared itself for another American invasion. This time, Google are strapping spy cams to the top of cars, taking pics of our maple-loving underbelly for its ChiFFaN-style bid to take over the world. Evidently, Google have filed all the right paperwork, and after consulting the guv regarding privacy concerns, got offered our streets in a typically Canadian rush of hospitality.

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Best Buy Canada Reveals Fido/Rogers No-Contract Pricing for iPhone 3G S $699/$799

iphone3gs_noncon1As with anything, Canadians always seem to get shafted when it comes to getting the latest and greatest compared with our American neighborinos. Not only did we have to wait a year for the iPhone to arrive last June, but we also have to sign a bloody 3 year contract (as opposed to the 2 years on AT&T) just to be able to call the phone our own.  Well, according to The Boy Genious Report, the tides are indeed  turning as screenshots from Best Buy’s inventory clearly show Fido and Rogers selling both the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 3G S for $699/$799, respectively.

Now this is great news no doubt for those who prefer to avoid contracts like a bad case of  SARS and H1N1. But is $699 too much for the the latest ‘Jesus Phone’ commitment free ? Personally, 7 large ones isn’t nearly painful as the $1100 CAD I dropped on my Sony Erisson P910i a few years back, or the $1000 I paid for my first gen Compaq iPaq Pocket PC. Regardless, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of demand for these contract free bad boys. What do you think? Will you grab a no-contract iPhone? More inventory screenies after the break…

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