Quickword on Sale for the first 1000 customers!


Quickoffice, Inc., have reduced Quickword’s price from 12.99$ to 4.99$ for the first 1000 customers. The productivity suite has overcome inherent iPhone OS obstacles to debut cut/copy/paste before the trinity’s debut in Apple’s own OS 3.0. We paid special attention to Quickword  in our review of Quickoffice and later, expounded some differences between the initial release and subsequent updates.

Quickoffice, Quick Word, 4.99$, 4.5MB
Quickword®  ON SALE! (Documents, Email, & WiFi)

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Brushes’ App Spotlight in the New Yorker – Artist Jorge Colombo is also a PR Genius


Brushes, by Steve Sprang is no slouch when it comes to digital pixel art. I reviewed it and loved it – in fact, Grabbed it; but imagine if, instead of the zombie-head drawn by yours truly, a masterpiece could have been brushed? Artist Jorge Colombo has done just that. Hitherto, painting iPhone painting apps have been simple doodlers for the bored. Brushes, which will surely inspire imitators from around the web, is a masterpiece itself; it is the raw material for artists in a new age.

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Tap Forms – Personal Database in Review: A Paranoid’s Nightmare

tapforms1When I first took a look at Tap Forms, I honestly didn’t know what to think. Questions rolled around my mind. What is this? Is it a game? No? Do I need it? How do I use it? What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 42?

Once I got over this, I delved deep into the App. What I found was a versatile database program. It is a God-send for those, like me, who have a difficult time keep track of life and all the tiny bits of information that comes along with it. This one App takes the place of the multitude of scrap paper I have all over the place.

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