Scanner Pro in Review – Readdle Helps Make Your Printed Word Portable

I’ve reviewed DocScanner, JotNot, and Business Card Reader, three apps which were designed to function as portable scanners. If one lacked in features, the next was unorganised.  Many people questioned the need for another portable scanner, but I ask: why use 2 apps when one is enough? Let me put it this way: Readdle’s Scanner Pro really is quite sweet.

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Business Card Reader in Review – Lightening your wallet one card at a time.


Most people, especially those in the business world, have at least a few business cards in their wallets and/or purses. Whether the contact  is for restaurants, or other professionals, business cards are still the standard way to pass on all your contact info to the masses. The only problem is that if you’re at all like me your wallet tends to get a little full and you start to run out of places to put them. Now, using the latest in text recognition software by ABBYY, SHAPE Services (developers of the wildly popular IM+) have come through with a great solution.

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RDM+ in Review – Have your PC with you anywhere… even without the PC!

Has it ever happened that when you get home, or are on a customer’s site, or even on vacation and remember that one critical file you forgot to take with you, or that e-mail you forgot to send? Well, it happened to me more than once (just don’t let my boss know). Well, Shape-Services, creators of the best messaging app on the iPhone, IM+, have released RDM+ – the ultimate answer to remote desktop control anywhere, anytime, using any connection!

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eWallet – Secure Password Manager in Review : Your secrets are safe with me

eWallet_listWay before the iPhone, I had the misfortune of owning a *censored* WM PocketPC. I shudder when I remember the problems I had using it and luckily (probably) it was stolen only about a year after buying it. One thing I was sure about was that all my private info was safe since I used eWallet (yep, this app has been around for awhile) to store it. After getting my iPhone, I immediately started browsing the App Store for a PIM application and was relieved to find that my good old friend, eWallet has been resurrected for hallowed use on the Jesus Phone.

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pmg PassCode in Review – Keep your private info private!


Are you paranoid? Are you lost in heaps of Post-It notes with myriads of passwords written on them? Does your idea of a password look like mdf$%_kdr123_fr? Well then, have I got an app for you! Profartis Media Group (is it only me, but the name of the company brings to mind some strange associations) have recently presented their new password storage app – pmg PassCode!

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Sales CRM EZi in Review – Sell the opportunity


Hola folks! As part of my vacation review I’m going to cover a little app that’s actually more word related. Figures, right? Anyway, back at work, there is this shifty department called Sales. No one actually knows what they do all day since usually the opportunities are passed down from the customers directly to us, but nevertheless, Sales exists. And tracking opportunities to sell something completely unusable to those poor blokes out there should be THEIR responsibility.

Why am I boring you with all of this? Well, it’s because today’s victim is a little program called Sales CRM EZi designed to help those guys in Sales keep track of their opportunities. Since I do everything (don’t we all?) including tracking customer opportunities I decided to take it out for a spin.
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Invoice Maker (iInvoice) in Review – Bill Anyone From Anywhere, Anytime


Billing your clients is one of the most important things you’ll do in any business transaction. Filling it out in pen on paper is archaic, and (letting my greener side shine) not environmentally sound. Waiting until you get back to your computer could take forever. GP Imports Inc. attempts to solve this problem by moving your invoicing to the palm of your hand.

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PDF Expert in Review – Reading with the Readdle Reader


There are a fair amount of PDF readers available at the app store nowadays ranging from free to $9.99, or more! With the lower price range usually lacking features, and the higher range apps more of a “suite” which include functions which may not be necessary if all you want to do is read a document. Readdle, developers of popular business/productivity app ReaddleDocs, have chipped in with their own offering.

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MobileCounter – the butterfly effect


In a market that feeds millions of customers a twisted diet of hype and digital sustenance, vaunts 60 000+ apps, and is growing daily, developers must be increasingly creative in order to sell an app. There are apps to help you say yes; apps to help you say no; there’s even an app which will make you happy. MobileCounter fits comfortably somewhere in the middle of that group as it transforms the old hand-ticker or note paper into a newfangled iDevice app.

Günther Becker, MobileCounter, 0.99$, 0.2MB
Mobile Counter

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