Huge sale on Polaris Office from $19.99 to $0.99

It is that day where everyone is out buying the latest trending gadgets, clothes, and other Christmas gifts for their loved ones. However, I have opted to stay at home this Black Friday and enjoy some of the online deals that are already hitting the marketplace today before Cyber Monday even arrives. Since Black Friday hit early, I suppose some other big brands are also jumping in early to offer great deals online on some of the apps in iTunes. Namely, the one I am really raving about is the Polaris Office app for iPad or the iPhone.


As someone who often travels and/or does speaking engagements, I don’t always have access to Microsoft Office from my laptop. Instead, I often have out my iPhone or iPad reviewing some of the notes I have made. The unfortunate part is that there are times I would like to edit my notes or make changes to some of the things I am writing on. The downside of using the iPad or iPhone has always been the inability to make those necessary changes. In fact, what you typically get is a picture-like image of a document. You can read it, but it’s often small print and never editable. With Polaris Office, they have made the impossible possible! Continue reading…