Business Alarm Clock helps you conquer multiple time zones

RV AppStudios, makers of the 200+ in 1 : AppBundle! utility, have released a unique clock app that looks to solve the iPhone’s inability to set alarms based on different time zones. With Business Alarm Clock, you can do just that. So if you have a conference call to make at 11AM London time, simply set the event reminder for that particular time zone, and never have to worry about manually calculating what time that’d be in your city. Aside from being able to add multiple city alarms, you can also add individual notes, check weather conditions and set the alarm to play as a ringtone or song. Seems like a handy app to have around for those have to deal with clients/colleagues/family members from various time zones. Business Alarm Clock is now available on the App Store for $1.99.

Business Alarm Clock RV AppStudios, Business Alarm Clock, – $1.99

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