Freebie Alert: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior for iPhone now a free download

Fancy a good 1-on-1 brawler on your iPhone/iPod Touch? If so, look no further than Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, a below-the-radar title that’s been widely considered as one of the top fighting games on the iDevice. Reviewed by ChiffaN last year, Dragon Warrior received a Kiss It rating thanks to the tight controls, customizable fighting styles and solid graphics.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior makes good in its attempt to challenge Street Fighter IV as the best fighting game on the AppStore. They are both good in some respects while lacking in others. The former is more friendly to the casual gamer and the latter more targeted at hardcore fighting fans. The only real grudge I have is the absence of any kind of multiplayer, which has always been an integral part of any fighting game. Regardless, providing both an exception graphical experience even on the older devices and polished easy-to-use controls, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior is the number one choice for anyone willing to try out how a fighting game should perform on an iDevice.

No particular reason has been given as to why its gone free (for very first time) or for how long. So if you’re a fighting junkie, make haste and pick this gem of a fighter up while the offer’s still good.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Indiagames, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (TMA Review), 84.7 MB – Free

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Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior in Review – The martial arts master comes for the iPhone!

The Fighting genre has taken a long time to prove it can be made to work on the iDevice. After some hiccups and original views Ragdoll Legends for example, one  of the most famous franchises of fighting games – STREET FIGHTER IV took the AppStore literally by force. It finally put an end to the discussions around the right of the fighting genre to exist on the platform. And almost out of the blue Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, originally designed for the iPhone, has arrived to fight for the crown of best fighting game.

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5 New App Store Games To Watch

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new article that should help consolidate the previous week’s game releases for the iPhone / iPod Touch (and possibly iPad).  This past week [May 17 – May 23] saw the release of Shrek Forever After: The Game, a fairly standard looking platformer with a big green ogre as the protagonist.  For the racing fans there’s Split/Second from Disney, the game that promises “if you can’t out run them, use the city to take them out”.  One thing that’s great about the App Store is that there’s always a wide variety of new releases to choose from.

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