Brain Controller in Review – the view from on top

Brain Controller is a clever demo for Motion Portrait‘s photo-to-animation technology, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary application which morphs digital animation from still photos. The iPhone version is a port of Motion Portrait’s PC application, and while extremely simple, exhibits the company’s expertise in enslaving humanity to their alien overlords… and animation. Brain Controller came to me at a strange time too: in Dune’s prequel, House Corrino, the skin of my neck has been crawling at the constant mention of biological tampering. This app ain’t going that far, but after a good dose of coffee, I can see the tainted future, and it isn’t great!

Motion Portrait’s app has managed to remote control itself into TMA thanks to a few good videos which you can see here.

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Brain Controller at App Store – digital animation gone scary

Scouring new apps is a fun pastime of mine which has grown into an hours upon hours time investment of time and energy. Japanese MotionPortrait, the company who have brought freakishly realistic picture-to animation technology to production have released a peak-a-boo version of their software to the iDevice.

I thought I was clever in creating some simple stop-animations of Playmobil hedgehogs chasing each other – looks like I was wrong.

Our Review of Brain Controller can be found here.

MotionPortrait, Brain Controller, 2.99$, 1.8 MB
Brain Controller

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