Boxee for iPad now available on App Store

Boxee for the iPad is now available for public consumption.

Video from you and your friends – all in one place that goes anywhere.

Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites on the train, in bed, on the couch, on the john, during boring conversation, on the patio, from the roof deck, in an abandoned bunker, on the side of a mountain….

Aside from the fact that Boxee is free to download, you’ll also able to stream movies, tv shows and other video files you have on your computer right onto the iPad (much like Air Video (TMA Review)). You’ll need to sign up for a Boxee account and download the accompanying Boxee Media Manager app for either Windows or Mac for this to work. Once BMM is running on your computer (you’ll have to choose the location you wish to share your media) and the app opened on your iPad, tapping on the “My Media” tab will display your video files to stream. If you’re new to the whole Boxee thing, check out their website and see for yourself what this open source media center platform is all about.

Boxee for iPad BOXEE, INC., Boxee for iPad, 1.8 MB – Free

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