Sjoelen FREE! – going Dutch!

I am not Dutch – I want that to be put straight. But, my family have long enjoyed one of the best board games ever: sjoelen, a great shufflepuck game which uses unique mathematics and good ol’ fashioned aim to pave a good time. Sjoelen has been available since February last year, but now the splinterless fun made possible by glass can be had for free! I whole-heartedly recommended going Dutch on this one.

Sjoelen Curly Brace Publishing, Sjoelen – Free

Monopoly in review: iPhone/ iPod as a true mobile console is “Here & Now”

Earlier this month, I read an article quoting Apple Director of Technology Evangelism John Geleynsen where he proclaimed the iPhone to be a strong contender in the handheld console market. I was initially very sceptical, since I didn’t actually believe that a mobile phone could rival a “dedicated” console. Also, the platform only had simple games from independent software developers and the lack of big titles did not really make it attractive in the mainstream.

However, having had quality time with Monopoly – Here & Now: The World Edition, I’m now a strong believer of Apple turning the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform into a true mobile gaming platform.

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