Blueprint 3D 2.0 update let’s you 3D explode any picture

Blueprint 3D (TMA Review), a highly unique puzzle game for iOS has been updated to 2.0, where players now are able to snap pictures of real life objects and create their very own 3D puzzles. For those not familiar with the game (its rotation-based gameplay is similar to Zen Bound 2), players have to rotate unknown “exploded” objects every which way in an attempt to fully reveal them before time is up.

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Blueprint 3D in Review – Now where did I leave that pencil?


Out of all my university courses, my least favourite was probably mechanical drawing. You know, where you have to meticulously prepare a technical image of an object to scale according to all the rules and regulations. I’ve had little problems understanding how it should look like, but doing it neatly – let’s just say that it didn’t always go according to plan. I’ve even had dreams about the sketches, though they were more like nightmares. And funnily enough, those drawings in my dreams looked almost exactly like Blueprint 3D.

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