– An AppVentCalendar all year round!

One of the major projects this last Christmas has been the AppVentCalendar. An initiative, organized by Blacksmith Games and joined by a number of developers, each of which made their app free for one day. The results were so succesfull, that Blacksmith games, together with: ICS Mobile, creators of Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense; Tapjoy, creators of TapDefense; and the leading iPhone social platform, OpenFeint, have decided to launch – where the same principle is going to run 365 days each year.

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Daily Christmas steals and deals


With Thanksgiving (and the black friday deals) behind us and Christmas only 3 weeks away, gamers on the look out for more sales/deals should keep an eye out for the Appvent Calendar and  EA’s ’25 Games Til X’MAS events. Blacksmith Games, the dev team behind the upcoming Plushed, are responsible for the Appvent Calendar, where an iDevice game will be free for 24hrs worldwide up until Dec 22nd. Today’s freebie is Hexage’s puzzler, Totemo. If you enjoy surprises (and free games), be sure to bookmark their calendar page.

Meanwhile, EA have also launched a daily event that will see an App Store game of theirs go on sale (up to 80% off) everyday until Dec 22nd. Today, both Auditorium and Surviving High School can be had for $0.99. To find out the latest deals of the day, you can follow EA on Twitter and/or Facebook for their X’MAS annoucements.

Hopefully, other publishers will also jump on the wagon and give us all something more to cheer about (daily) before the Christmas rush.

New Platformer ‘Plushed’ Revealed

plushed_bannerblacksmith games has recently sent us word of their very first iDevice title, an upcoming platformer called Plushed. Set in a fairytale world where a little girl is queen, you must take control of her royal plushies, travese through ‘haunted meadows and creepy castles’ and ultimately defeat the evil voodoo mouse and his gang of wacky minions. While we’ve seen this kind of story play out a million times before (save the princess, restore order to the kingdom), blacksmith games attempts to set themselves apart with some unique gameplay and a very likeable, not to mention reluctant hero in the bunny rabbit.

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