Bing app gets update, pulled from Non-US App Stores

Microsoft’s mobile search app Bing, first released for the iPhone back in Dec’09,  has received its first update. Listening to user feedback, Microsoft has made various improvements and implemented several new additions, including the ability to bookmark maps, directions, weather reports etc., parental controls, search history and private searches and more. Oddly enough, just as the update was made available, it had been reported that the app was subsequently pulled from Non-US App Stores.

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Microsoft on the iPhone – Badda boom, badda bing!


Have you tried out Microsoft’s new beta search engine, bing? If not, it is actually worth a shot. While typing (I still do that) in Safari’s address bar, or using the browser’s built in search field feels more natural after years of complacent surfing, I will admit that has some benefits. Microsoft are hoping that users will discover not only via computers, but via Apple’s iDevice. They released an SDK which should help developers add Bing functionality to iPhone applications.

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