Creature24 re-create the thriller genre for generation i

Get ready for a bit of 24-esque red-eye on the 6th of this month; but don’t worry, it’s a Saturday, meaning your ‘rents won’t rip you a new one for staying up late. Creature24 is an odd band of brothers who will be expanding upon their already marketable resume of achievements by programming an iPhone game in 24 hours, live, and sociable. Their fans will be given some love too – to be mentioned in the game’s Fan Wall, just follow Creature24’s website and Twitter account: @Creature24hr for the goodness. The game will be started from just a ‘skeleton idea’, Creature24 will hank and pank a game from idea to submission to Apple in 24 hours!

The three lads represent their respective companies:

Teaser vid and more after the gap:

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Pudge in Review: Copter Under the Sea

pudge1In my 28 year old eyes, I am able to see Disney World for what it truly is. It is a magical land of glitz and glamour. Everything is immaculate, well done, well organized, and meant to capture your eyes and imagination. Yet, once the exterior is taken away, once you move past the facade, Disney World becomes just another mundane tourist trap. In a way, I believe that Pudge follows a similar philosophy.

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