BigMail Uses iCloud for sharing your iOS photos and videos

Indie dev Thomas Baltruschat, the man behind Twitepad – one of the very first Twitter clients available for the iPad when it first launched – has released BigMail for iOS, an app that utilizes iCloud for sharing your photos and videos. Unlike Apple’s restriction of only allowing users to send 5 images and 1 video at a time via email, BigMail essentially lets you send as many as you wish with several taps. The way it works is that you select the photos/videos you’d like to send off, choose whether you’d like them to in low/med/high resolutions and the app uploads the goodies into your very own iCloud account. BigMail then creates an email with the download links to the files for the receiving party. The advantage of this is that the email won’t fill up the inbox of the recipient with attachments and it will bypass any incoming size limitations the email provider may have implemented. For those who send plenty of pics and videos to their friends/family, BigMail will save you time and reduce the multiple emails into just one.

BigMail Infoxenter, BigMail, – $0.99

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