Big Bad Brushes Freebie Event

In celebration of Big Bad Brushes’ new game release — Big Sticky — on July 26th, the up-and-coming indie developers from Canada are offering all three of their existing App Store titles as free downloads for one week. These fun causal freebies that were well received by Eric back in 2010 include BIG BAD Flower (TMA Review), Kung Fu Santa (TMA Review) and Kung Fu Master!. As for Big Sticky, expect 50 levels of swingin’ goodness from the purple frog prince with a gigantic sticky tongue. And apparently, there are 50 princesses to save as well (one per level). It seems that this is one lucky (and busy) prince indeed. More info and video trailer after the gap.

Update: Big Sticky is now available on the App Store for $0.99.

BIG BAD Flower BIG BAD Flower (TMA Review), 9.6 MB – Free
Kung Fu Santa Kung Fu Santa (TMA Review), 5.3 MB – Free
Kung Fu Master! Kung Fu Master!, 6.4 MB – Free

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Game Developer: One To Watch In 2011

I’ve been reviewing iPhone games since the end of 2008, and there’s no question that the developers and the games keep getting better.  2009 was a good year, this past year was great, and I expect next year to be phenomenal.  We pretty much expect the “big players” to dazzle us (though in a couple cases for me this didn’t happen), but it’s always much more fun to see a small developer shine.  While there were many examples of this in 2010, the one I’ve chosen to pick on today is Big Bad Brush. Continue reading…

Kung Fu Santa in Review – Martial Arts All Dressed In Red

Move over Mr. Miyagi – there’s a new martial arts expert in town and he’s wearing red!  I love BIG BAD Flower (TMA Review), and I have to admit to being a bit skeptical when I saw the screen shots for Kung Fu Santa.  It honestly didn’t seem like a worthy follow-up to the craziness that was BIG BAD Flower.  Well I can assure you that all the craziness is intact, and I would challenge you to try this game and not get addicted.  I should really be writing some other reviews right now, but I’m spending so much time with this game I figured I should tell you about it!

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Big Bad Flower in review – It’s Big, It’s Bad, It’s… A Flower?

Up until now the “baddest” flower I’d ever seen was Audrey II from The Little Shop Of Horrors.  Move over Audrey, because there’s a new plant in town that’s ready to usurp the throne.  Its name is BIG BAD Flower, and it has been engineered to take over the world with an endless supply of bubbles and the swiping of its head.  If you’re looking for an action game that has something different to offer, the quest has ended.  Stop reading this review and go buy Big Bad Flower right now.

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