The App Store’s Best Adventure (Updated 30.08.2010) – Top of top, cream of the crop for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad iPhone


Adventure games have always been my favourite genre. Yeah, yeah, I start almost any adventure games review this way. But what can I do if it is true? Sadly I was too late for the Interactive Fiction era. When I entered the conscious gaming stage of my life at about 6 (I was an avid gamer even before that but have few memories about that) I fell smack in the dawn of the point-and-click games with such legendary games as King’s Quest 1, other Sierra series, The Secret of Monkey Island and others. The casual pace of the games and the devious puzzles that make the grey matter really earn it’s keep always appealed to me. For a long time I have shunned first-person adventure games for various reasons and have only grown to appreciate them on the iDevice which is simply perfect for them.

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Year 2009 in retrospect by Apple – Best of Games and Apps


Well, Apple’s grand 2009 is slowly coming to a close. The App Store hit the 100,000 app mark, and even big publishers have graced our favourite platform with some great titles. To mark the “Rewind 2009” event, Apple have chosen 30 game and non-game apps they considered were the best of ’09, as well as listing the top sellers of the year. Before I publish the complete list I would like to note that I do not completely agree with them. And while it’s difficult to argue with sales numbers, the best apps and games rating is a bit baffling. That said, enjoy the “best of” after the break.

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