Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered – Score one for the adventure games team?


In a recent interview with, the managing director of Revolution Software remarked that they are extremely satisfied with how Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered (BASS) is performing. According to them, Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered is well on its way to sell as much as 20 000 copies in just its first month of release.

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Revolution Pocket to bring Beneath a Steel Sky to iDevice, others


In the world of adventure games, few titles have left eternal marks as deep as 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky. Revolution’s futuristic cyber punk game took players to a darkly humorous future where hacking and strange commercial intrigues leave society up-side down, quite literally.  The futuristic point and click adventure is near perfect blend of grit and bright, shiny story telling. The rumour on the street is that this game will come to more than just the iDevice as Revolution Pocket (the unit responsible for its port) delves deeper into their past.

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