iPhone typing speed: Gyford pits Jesus against the world

In fitting with the illegible theme, my title should find a nice spot in this somewhat bewildering find. Phillip Gyford’s eclectic website is always a rush of the this and that which populates freelancer’s lives. Well he churned out a self-run communication speed test where 6 technologies are tested one against the other in a trial of speed where . The devices are: the pen, the computer, the Apple Newton, the Palm Vx, the Palm Treo 650, and an iPhone’s soft keyboard. The result is an interesting mix of ‘of course!’ and ‘really?’ as idealistic overdogs didn’t do as well as might have been thought.

See for yourself:

  • Pen: 5 min 33 sec
  • Laptop: 3 min 14 sec
  • Apple Newton: 9 min 17 sec
  • Palm Vx: 12 min 16 sec
  • Palm Treo 650: 6 min 18 sec
  • iPhone: 4 min 56 sec

Obviously the test cannot be 100% objective, not applicable to 100% of the population. But it stands as another interesting proof of concept that the iPhone can actually be quite fast for data entry.

Full article is at Gyford.com

iPod touch 3G VS iPhone 3GS – trial of speed

iLounge posted a brilliantly unscientific test comparing the 3GS, 3G, Touch 2G and the new one – a test which moves me from the belly up. And, it should you too. Of course exempt is the new 8GB model which is a brilliant marketing rehash of last years model, though it lacks a few $$$ of unneeded weight. The verdict (as you will notice on the videos) is that the Touch 3G is faster than any other iDevice platform, even if by mere seconds.

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Updated: “Holy crap, this thing is fast” – Dev Black Pixel’s 3GS Benchmarks

rumour-iphone-3gs-powervrsgxWhile not a graceful runner, Donnovan Bailey was fast – especially as he gassed over the ‘fastest man on the earth’, Michael Johnson in a special fit-for-the-faker 150m race about 10 years ago. I saw it at the SkyDome and it deeply touched me, but what a crock! Well, the 3GS is no faker: it is a powerful machine that Black Pixel‘s ejaculation, “Holy crap, this thing is fast” certainly supports.

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