Battleship in Review – Not hard, but long and full of seamen.

I’ve spoke before about the popularity of board games being ported to the iPlatform. From The Game of LIFE to Boggle, people have just fallen in love with the idea of being able to play and experience all the games they loved on the iDevice. At the front of this explosion in popularity is Electronic Arts. Title after title, some of the best board games ever have successfully been redesigned for the iDevice. Now EA have chirped in with Battleship, their rendition of the classic. Hit or miss? Read on.

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EA to release Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic


Bored? EA may have the remedy: Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic – 3 favourite board games which are scheduled board the App Store soon in what is sure to be a riot of fun for families and friends alike. EA’s full steam ahead approach to iPhone gaming strategy which couples modern computing benchmark titles such as NBA Live and The Sims3 with classics the likes of  as the above-mentioned three is brilliant and TouchMyApps are looking forward to sinking our teeth into the new titles.

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