BatterySense by Philips gives you the lowdown on your iPhone’s battery

With the iPhone 4S and iOS 5’s reported battery woes, it’s no wonder then that you’ve keeping a close eye on the battery meter. The 5.0.1 update that should address these power zapping issues is still 2-3 weeks away from general release. In the meantime though, you can rely on Philips’ BatterySense iDevice app. Like many battery monitors for iOS (Battery Doctor Pro for instance), BatterySense provides users with the estimated hours remaining for talk time, internet use, audio/video playback, gameplay etc. based on the current charge of the device. What’s unique with BatterySense is its “What if?” feature. By dragging the power meter up or down, the app will give recommendations on how to achieve extended usage. So if you wish to add an extra hour to watching videos, it’ll tell you to turn down screen brightness and turn off WiFi. There’s even a “Tips for Better Battery Life” page that gives some nice advice on maximizing your i-juice.

Aside from having one of the cleanest interfaces among battery apps, BatterySense is also a free download. Every iPhone should have one of these utilities installed, and Philips’ is good place to start.

BatterySense by Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philips, BatterySense by Philips, – Free

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VentureCraft GoDAP in Review – audio and power for the people!

Firstly, I’m not dead. Now with that out of the way:

What do you get when you combine the audiophile heart of the iPhone with a juiced-up ad-hoc power supply? Or, perhaps I should ask it this way: what made VentureCraft, maker of car-mounted cameras and creative telegrams, shoot for the moon and create an audiophile iPhone battery jacket? My guess is a pioneer spirit. VentureCraft are the first company to build such a combination. As off-beat as the GoDAP battery jacket and headphone amp combo unit may sound for a company like VentureCraft, it is certainly worth the raised eyebrows and facepalms. It’s just so ingenious and geekily disturbing that it’s worth a perfectly long review!

Feel free to discuss VentureCraft’s GoDAP in our forums.

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Nokia: iOS 4.2 Reduces Network Congestion, Improves battery life

According to Nokia Siemens, Apple’s recent iOS 4.2 update supports a technology called network-controlled fast dormancy, which essentially optimizes the way a phone interactives with networks. Apparently, this means reduced network congestion and improved battery life. Here’s an excerpt from their blog post:

With its latest iPhone iOs 4.2 software, it looks like Apple is joining efforts to cut smartphone signalling down to size. Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, which we have already introduced into our networks. Basically, the technology makes the network and the handset work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work quickly, yet have a long battery life and minimize network congestion.

The new Apple software release supports this way of working on networks that have the technology implemented. Nokia also implemented the technology in its smartphones earlier this year. So now the two handset makers that account for half of all new smartphones in the world contribute to an improved user experience and cost reduction for operators.

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The Icon Battery pack for iPhone – EL guapo

Essential tpe’s Icon Battery pack for iPhone is a freakin’ battery icon-looking battery… for the iPhone! It’s a tongue twister to say, and thanks to a lot of extra juice flowing in its veins, it’ll let you twist your tongue for another 3 hours in 3G mode, or 7 in 2G. Don’t care to talk? Icon’ll grant you music magic for 18 hours, or for the real geek, another 5,5 hours of Wifi internet usage. Granted, it ain’t the most mobile-looking of battery packs, nor as do-it-all as EMVY’s case or Mophie’s Juice, but it’s bootylicious, especially toting the world’s first EL film display for a mobile phone.

“the icon”, was inspired according to the battery icon on iPhone, is designed specifically for the iPhone backup power solution. From “the icon” unique outlook, and able to extend your iPhone talk time up to 3 hours and audio play back up to 18 hours, it will be your best choice for the battery solution, not only outside appearance, but functionally solve the power problem with daily use of the iPhone. Moreover, “the icon” has an innovative design which is using EL film on its front panel to display its power status clearly, which also the world’s first one who use EL lighting film as power indicator. The easy operation is another aspect of “the icon” even though there is no extra button on it. “the icon” would charge your iPhone once you connect to the iPhone, and it will show you the remaining power while you remove it from your iPhone.

The Icon Battery pack isn’t for sale on Amazon (yet), but if you happen to be hopping around Asia, you might find one. Essential tpe store locator.

For more info, visit essential tpe

Snow Leopard maims MacBook batteries


Snow Leopard has outted at least one problem in Apple’s notebook line: failing optical drives. While not explicitly the fault of the OS, Snow Leopard, generally installed by optical disk, forced users to use their dusty drives only to find out that the hardware is bum. Sadly, upon attempting to upgrade to Apple’s latest, the world’s most advanced operating system (sic) proves that Apple need to spend more time developing reliable hardware, not this fritzy fluff. Now, the selfsame OS has another ticket with Apple Support: failing batteries. This time, however, it seems the OS may be at least partially to blame.

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Mophie Juice Pack 3G in Review – Double your iPhone fun


One of the biggest gripes with the iPhone 3G (aside from the lack of native copy & paste and running apps in the background) is its relatively poor battery life. Hardcore users who surf, make calls, check emails, listen to music and play one or more of the zillion app store games can hardly get through a day without first worrying about how much “juice” is left on the phone. It’s no wonder then that Mophie, one of the leaders in iPhone/iPod accessories, has stepped up to the plate with the very popular Juice Pack 3G.

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FastMac battery: Keep your iPhone going and going….

Though the iPhone 3G may not have the worst battery life amongst 3G handsets, improving battery performance would be a major plus for all users. With the iPhone’s immense popularity and relatively short battery life, numerous companies are offering their version of an external battery pack. Currently, I am using Brando’s 1000mAh power station. With short comings of it’s own, I am always on the look out for new products.

Though I have yet to try one, FastMac has released the iV Extended portable charger for the iPhone 2G/3G. Looks like a battery with full-on features:

  • a full size USB port to charge other devices such as your Bluetooth headset, digital camera or even another iPhone
  • comes with a built in flash to help with pictures in low lighting
  • 3100mAh TruePower Battery
  • Up to 24 Hours of Talk Time
  • Up to 72 Hours of Audio Playback
  • Up to 21 Hours of Video Playback
  • Up to 30 Days of Standby Time
  • Dock Connector for iPhone & Universal Dock

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