Phonympics in Review – Glutton for Punishment


Prior to my review of Ping Pong, for several months, I have been playing another game off and on. Phonympics is hardly the fruity sounding app, but let me tell you, it redefines fruity gameplay. I am ready to say that Ajit did not do their homework when they decided to sell this game. Phonymics could have taken more cues from the excellent Track and Field for the famicom of years back or more contemporary hints from Dance Dance Revolution. Alas, Phonmypics is just Tap Tap, without the revolution.

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Updated: AT&T hate their customers – Not 55$, but Not Free


Should have used Brushes!

This will be as short as my opinion of the Telecom Giant, AT&T. I am not American, nor do live in the country, but I met an American once and I feel sorry for the dude. He surely now has an iPhone and a laptop and may sometime just wants to use part of his 5GB ‘unlimited’ internet rather than fiddling with the dinky ‘real internet’ on the toned-down iPhone Safari. So what are his options? Well, AT&T in their infinite wisdom and abundance of PR skills have affected a new policy that tethering will be a surcharge of 55$ per month.

This post has been updated with news from AT&T’s Facebook page in our post entitled: Tethering Plan Update: Not 55$, but Not Free.

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Iz She Expensive in Review and in the Spotlight


Some devs are into developing app and some into brainstorming¬†ideas. Then, there are others like TNS, who haven’t had a sober night in months. They blur the lines of spontaneity and stupidity while failing breathalyser tests and pissing on cop’s legs. Iz She Expensive? is off the charts and struggling on the floor in terms of quality and production value. Overconfident poise, however, they have by the bin.

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