Say Goodbye To that Annoying Snoring Habit: Antisnore App to the Rescue!


I will admit to having an annoying habit. Sometimes, I talk with my mouth full. I am getting better, but my wife thinks that I need a lesson in manners. Fortunately, I am not a slob who snores whilst asleep (that is a lie). Published by Signs Studios, Antisnore aims to stop snoring using vibrations when it detects that your nocturnal noises have slipped above acceptable levels.

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Background Apps – Apple Say Maybe

Apple (APPL) have been stubborn in regards to adding third-party background app support. Previously citing battery life problems, security concerns and added consumer confusion as reasons to leave support out of iPhone OS firmware, Apple may be changing their stance. Lack of such support flies in the face of Apple’s staunchest of competitors who each have some sort of support for the function. 

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