Awesome Note (+Todo) for iPhone in Review – Awesomeness in a box

Awesome Note was released in September 2009 by mobile app developer BRID Works (if your playing at home, BRID stands for Brilliant Ideas). They compete in the very busy category of note taking apps but they do have a good one on their hands, as evidenced by its selection into Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame. Over my time as an iDevice user, I’ve used Evernote, Corkulous, PlainText NotePad Pro, Manage, and Note Recorder. But from my experience, Awesome Note definitely is the one that I use everyday.

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Apps to Replace your iDevice’s Preinstalled Applications


I know who you are. You are one of two people. Person number one has an unjailbroken iPhone and really despises the included Stock and Weather apps. He wishes to jailbreak his sacred device, but cherishes it too much to place the warranty at risk. So, how does he deal with apps that he never uses and cannot hide or remove? Well, he just leaves them on the last page of his iPhone/iPod Touch, thinking that he could forget about them forever. Think again. Person number two, on the other hand, has jailbroken it and is really happy he did so because now with SBSettings installed, he can hide the unwanted Voice Recorder app. After hiding those nasty preinstalled apps, you replaced them with better alternatives. Right? Don’t fret. Regardless of which person you are, the applications you will see in this post will make you wonder why Apple didn’t include these instead when they shipped the iDevice.

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