AT&T iPhone 4 pre-order system exposes personal information

Yes, again. AT&T’s special knack for customer dissatisfaction and exposing personal information just begs the question: why in the hell have Apple stuck with the telco giant for so long? The new iPhone 4 is a must-have for trendy tech pundits, but at what expense? With the stench of AT&T’s iPad email breach still hot in our nostrils, this one is just too sweet to pass over.

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iPad email leak; Chrome bugs plugged by Apple: failure of online press

Gawker's misleading article

Let me rant a bit. I’ve been using a horrible piece of software that cost me 200$ CAD. It’s called Microsoft Office 2008. Today, in the middle of a freelance job, it crashed. Badly. Three files I was using and saving religiously went back to square one. I consider it a mercy though as I was fed up with that job anyway. But Microsoft Office 2008 problems aside, I’ve come across another troubling bit. TMA have made mistakes publishing stuff before. Hell, we’re bite-sized hobbyists. Prankster site, Gawker, however, isn’t. And neither is TechCrunch.

The pair made silly assumptions – headline-making, attention-grabbing assumptions today about Apple.

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AT&T overhaul data plans; add iPhone tethering

Welcome to the 2000’s everyone! AT&T, that lumbering giant, has finally bolted upright and matched some features that other networks have offered for years. Perhaps the most important is their new data pricing, which under the new plan, no longer needs an economics degree to suss. America’s number two carrier reckon that 65% of users could ‘get by’ with the new 200MB DataPlus plan and 98% of users could get by on their 2GB DataPro plan. But as nice as their penny-pinching efforts may be, iPhone tethering will likely grab the headlines. Tethering has been available on better-built networks for a while now. But thanks to AT&T’s ehem… network strength, has kept the iPhone in the dark ages.

Tethering and Data plan details after the gap:

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iPad unlimited data plan really is unlimited

From my high-castle vantage spot in Seoul, I’ve watched the tragedy of AT&T’s tethering and data plan lies attack the USA, and in particular, one-eyed the AT&T ‘unlimited’ iPhone plan. We all have. Well, I think I’ve finally sussed it: if you remove two letters and swap a vowel from Apple’s iPhone, you arrive at the parameter which allows for proper unlimited data in an unlimited plan, the iPad. That is, the AT&T unlimited iPad plan really is unlimited. Terse as always, AT&T’s Mark Siegel explains it all:

unlimited is unlimited

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A VERY expensive Safari trip


Looks like it’s about time to get back to my conspiracy theories. Many things have been said about the partnership between AT&T and Apple, from praise (well, not that much of it) to scathing criticisms regarding such decisions as the clawing back of Google Voice and other related apps. Well, this just in: Apple help “increase” user spending on data charges.

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All hail the “Jesus” phone! Palm Pre is the work of the Devil!

The excellent podcast “Attack of the Show” by I follow to keep up to date on general media-related news recently featured a hilarious bit about exorcising the Palm Pre demon girl, who keeps rambling about AT&T and the iPhone. I would rate this a definite must for any iPhone fan to watch!

Will Kevin’s Steve Jobs and Apple rituals help save this poor spokeswoman?

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AT&T’s Tethering Plan Update: Not 55$, but Not Free

att-and-apple-and-behondAs much as I hate to derail my own thread, I have to. This time from their very own Facebook page, AT&T debunk the rumour that they would charge 55$ per month for tethering. They do not shed light on any pricing model, if applicable, but remain adamant that they have been misunderstood by the various press around the world and that rumours are false. While that is good news to AT&T customers, there is no proof that they company will not charge something for the service.

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