Price Drop: Astro Ranch FREE for a day!

Today is certainly shaping up to a busy day in the “Free for a day” department. First we saw Last Front: Europe and Age of Tribes go FREE earlier this morning. Now, Tag Games’ well received Astro Ranch has also joined the party and can be had gratis. Here’s what shigzeo said in his review of the game:

Astro Ranch is nearly a full-on throwback to those (old-school console gaming) days – it looks, sounds, and mostly, plays great and is as addictive as it is absurd. It is a quasi-RPG simulation about farming and friendship and is as fun as a barrel of montkeys (play it and you’ll see why this ain’t a splelling mistake)…RPG, rancher, macro-manager, Astro Ranch does it all.

Needless to say, those who’re into farming and management games should definitely hit Astro Ranch ASAP. And while we’re at it, be sure to check out our earlier Freebies round up if you missed it – lots of quality games are still showing up as Free on the App Store.

Astro Ranch Tag Games Limited, Astro Ranch (TMA Review) – Free

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