Ascendancy Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of Ascendancy (TMA Review), the classic 4X sci-fi strategy game that recently made its way onto the iOS platform. If you’re not familiar with this extremely deep and addictive title, here’s an overview courtesy of iTunes:

Pick any of twenty-one wildly different alien species to lead to the stars. Each one has its own personality, evolutionary history, and theme music. Strange effects abound; each species has its own special power, and technological advances allow you to bend the rules of the cosmos.

Manage your planets, research new technologies, design ships, and explore the cosmos. Once your people venture to the stars, they will encounter exotic spacefaring life forms. Be a diplomat or a warlord. Win by force or by unity. Can you lead your people to Ascendancy?

So you want to get your hands on Ascendancy and play it either on your iPhone or iPad? Check out the full contest details after the break!

Ascendancy The Logic Factory, Ascendancy (TMA Review), 40.9 MB – $4.99

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Ascendancy in Review – Ascend from the darkness, come to the light of the App Store!

Looking at the power of modern mobile devices, it’s no wonder then that more and more of them are the target of developers, looking to get more life out of their classic titles. And this is even more true with the iOS family, with a single point of sales and an extremely low entry barrier – costing a measly $99 per year for a developer’s license. I can’t say that every such upgrade goes without a hitch, but that certainly doesn’t stop people from trying. Ascendancy has been universally praised back in the mid-90s and we’ll soon find out if it still has the spunk to reach out to today’s iOS gamers.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Jan 3 – 9]

Sorry for the absence of a “10 To Watch” article last week, but I could really only come up with 3 or 4 games that I actually wanted to write about.  Thankfully things have picked up a little bit this week.  Those looking for a platform game fix have a few choices this week, most notably the baby carriage tale called Grimm or Capcom’s MaXplosion, where the protagonist can make himself explode.  If you like strategy games you might want to take Metal Brigade Tactics or Ascendancy for a spin.  The RPG fan can take on Com2Us’ latest Inotia yarn, appropriately titled Inotia 3.

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