Air Attack 2 in Review – Sorry Sky Force, You’ve Been Replaced


So how do you make a compelling scrolling shooter that works at all the right levels?  I could list a bunch of criteria here, but I figure I’ll just make this easy for both me and you and say “give Air Attack 2 a try”.  Much like Sky Force in 2014 (and much of 2015), Air Attack 2 will be the scrolling shooter to dethrone this year.  Between the extensive single player campaign and several special runs that allow you to compete against other players around the world, Air Attack 2 has plenty of game play to keep you busy.  And, while you might have to fly some missions over and over again to achieve all the goals, you’ll never get bored doing so.  If this is your type of game then you’ll want Air Attack 2 on your device right now.
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AirAttack in Review – Step Aside JetBlue

I love shmups (shoot ‘em ups), though I’m not keen on that nickname. There have actually been some pretty sharp shooters on the iPhone, but I still hadn’t found that one yet that I could constantly refer back to, much like I used to do with Claygun when writing about Pocket PC shmups. The time has finally arrived, however, for a game to take that place of honor, and that game is AirAttack. No game is perfect, but this is certainly the most well rounded, enjoyable shmup experience I’ve had on my iPod Touch to date.

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