Archibald’s Adventures in Review – Gleaming the Puzzle Cube


When I was a youth growing up on the mean streets of the Valley in Southern California, riding skateboards was a rite of passage. My friends Brian Kelly, Marty McFly and Tony Hawk would begin our day long weekend rides before the sun came over the mountain tops. We’d grab onto the back of a truck headed down the freeway until we reached just the right curve where we could launch off and catch serious air. Sometimes we’d get as much as 20-30 feet off the ground. When we landed and picked up our hover boards, we knew we had travelled back to the future.

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App Price Drop – Jan 25th, 2009

Without a doubt, the biggest name on this list is Rolando, which saw a price drop from 9.99 to 5.99 earlier this week. Lots of other nice sales happening, including my some of my favs in OldBooth, Hot Popcorn and Up There. Paypal users should also take a look at PayShield, now only $0.99. As usual, be sure to check out the entire price drop list after the jump!**Update-SimCity has dropped in price to $7.99!



$9.99 —> $7.99




$9.99 —> $5.99



Burning Tires 3D

$2.99 —> $0.99

Burning Tires? 3D


Up There

$1.99 —> $0.99

Up There


Archibald’s Adventures

$7.99 —> $4.99

Archibald's Adventures

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