Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil in Review – Is it good or evil?


Zenonia is widely accepted as one of the most successful RPGs on the AppStore and, as any successful game, it is bound to have followers. Well, Digital Chocolate, one of the better developers on the market, has recently released their view on the concept – Fantasy Warrior: A Tale of Good And Evil.

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Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space – Smule’s Halloween smut from Smort!


Ocarina no more: Killerina. I am T-pain no more: I Kill T-Pain. And Leaf Trombone? Liver Trombone! This Halloween, Smule have been possessed by the horrible deamons behind the horrid creeper, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space. Not sure what happened, but damn, things are titillatingly ugly. The undead attackers acutely resemble Marina Orlova of hot for words; in fact, I reckon they may have cloned her! At this point, maybe it doesn’t matter because with the horrible holiday on its way, there is just time enough to grab yer guns… er, yer slingshots and blast them baddies who creep out from the graves.

Smort, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space, 0.99$, 17.9 MB
Attack Of The Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space

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ARKANOID in Review – The arcade classic on the iPhone


Lately, I see a lot of classics appearing on the iPhone, and among them, 1986’s ARKANOID is a welcome addition. Now, TAITO (Space Invaders Infinity Gene) have added the Jesus Phone to the long list of systems to which this game has been ported. Finally, generation “i” too, can experience the classic.

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Dark Nebula – Episode One In Review: Just Roll with it


Dark Nebula has been a pretty widely-anticipated game ever since the gameplay trailer hit the ‘net. Just by watching the video, you could tell that it’s a fast-paced arcade romp which boasts awesome visuals. Well, let me tell you straight up: this game does not disappoint. From the second I started playing until the minute I beat it, it was the only game I wanted to play.

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Horror Racing in Review – Off Road Racing For Ghoulish Gear Heads!

horror-racing-review1A number of apps have arrived for the coming Halloween season. Half of them are nothing special, just one-off holiday gambles, but the other half contains a mixture of apps that are good for a few laughs, until the holiday passes, or in the case of the latest app from Chillingo and NEWFX, all of the above and a little extra.

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Space Dock in Review – In space no one can hear you… CRASH


The now legendary Flight Control ignited a revolution on the iPhone when it first arrived back in spring. Since then, a whole new generation of “Finger Tracing” games has been launched. Some have been straightforward rip-offs and others, original games that used the new control system as a tool rather as a complete formula for a game. Which one is Space Dock? Stay tuned, stay tuned, stay…

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Racer in Review – Simple Racing Fun


There is certainly an abundance of $0.99 games at the App Store, with Racer (developed by Tatem Games) being one of them. Most of these are high score type games, which emphasize the pick-up-and-play aspect of mobile gaming. Does Racer manage to stand out from the pack, or does it fall into the same hackneyed category as most of the other casual games? Read on.

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