Through to Iota in Review – In space, no one can hear your sweep


No, Through to Iota ain’t a mix ‘n match of Men with Brooms and Aliens. And because too few would want a curling game for the iDevice, we are left with science fiction; and for some reason -perhaps the ambient music, perhaps the glowing ‘pucks’- this game warps in to that genre while maintaining an iota or two of fun. After bugging my skills out for the best part of this long morning, my question to the dev is: can you make it through to iota?

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Andy Adventure in Review – Didn’t Fall Head Over Heals for this one…


I suppose Andy Adventure is what you might expect if you were to cross Topple with Indiana Jones. You play a brave adventurer traveling the world, collecting treasure and trying to defeat the bad guys. The game actually has a lot of potential, but sluggish performance and the need to repeated play a high percentage of the levels before moving on tend to bog down the excitement. Let’s see if this adventure is for you or not.

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King Strike in Review – The war of the billiard balls!


One my favourite sports is billiards. I love both the American pool (mostly 8-ball) and the more difficult Russian variant, pyramid. I even like watching snooker, though I can’t even begin to understand it. Now what would happen if the red and yellow balls in, say, your average 8-ball game decided to go all out and start a war? Well, now you can find out!

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Flying Pigs in Review – When Hell freezes over


Despite pushing an App Store page comprised 80% of thinly veiled shills who just ‘love’ this game, Flying Pigs has a few very redeeming qualities. The first? You get to fly a saucer as in ‘Alien effin’ saucer’! The second is that Sobits have dredged up a bit of humour from the age-old idiom, ‘when pigs fly’. Believe it or not, this idea hasn’t been done in the same way before – so strap on your tin-foil helmets, grab some bacon, and let’s get gamin’…

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CYEARS ShootingSimulator in Review – a vertical scroll shooter… without the shooting


Do you like vertical scroll shoot-em-up games? Have you ever wondered what it’s like for the other side, the side that can’t fight back? Well, now you can find out. IMJ Mobile have recently released a unique and controversial game called CYEARS ShootingSimulator. So let’s find out how it feels to lose all your weapons.

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Big Buck Hunter Pro in Review – Rejoice! A Solution For The Redneck On The Go.


Big Buck Hunter is one of the most popular, well-known arcade hunting games. Developed in 2001 by Play Mechanix Inc., it spawned multiple sequels and is still seen in many arcades today. Thanks to developers Super Happy Fun Fun this ridiculously fun game is now available for your iDevice. Boy Howdy, it’s huntin’ time!

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Cell War in Review – Fight the dreaded H1N1 right from your iPhone!


Side-scrolling shooters have been among the most popular games since their first arcade debut. Technology has certainly moved on since then and now you can enjoy games right in the palm of your hands that the ancestors of today’s consoles could only dream about. Cell War, one the latest addition to the genre by TipCat Mobile offers the blend of state-of-the-art graphics with classic addictive game-play. Can they deliver on their offers? Let’s find out!

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Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil in Review – Is it good or evil?


Zenonia is widely accepted as one of the most successful RPGs on the AppStore and, as any successful game, it is bound to have followers. Well, Digital Chocolate, one of the better developers on the market, has recently released their view on the concept – Fantasy Warrior: A Tale of Good And Evil.

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Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space – Smule’s Halloween smut from Smort!


Ocarina no more: Killerina. I am T-pain no more: I Kill T-Pain. And Leaf Trombone? Liver Trombone! This Halloween, Smule have been possessed by the horrible deamons behind the horrid creeper, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space. Not sure what happened, but damn, things are titillatingly ugly. The undead attackers acutely resemble Marina Orlova of hot for words; in fact, I reckon they may have cloned her! At this point, maybe it doesn’t matter because with the horrible holiday on its way, there is just time enough to grab yer guns… er, yer slingshots and blast them baddies who creep out from the graves.

Smort, Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space, 0.99$, 17.9 MB
Attack Of The Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space

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