FastFinger 2 in Review – How fast can you finger?

FastFinger 2 is a game that really does test how fast you can finger your screen (yes we are serious ladies and gents). While it is indeed a very basic iPhone/iPod Touch app, it can still be quite addictive. With such features as OpenFeint leader board integration and high score system, you can finally find out who has the best and fastest fingers between you and your friends (and for all the gents out there, perhaps this app can even help you impress the gals, though we make no promises).

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V Is For Vortex in Review – Da Portal, Da Portal!

I never had the opportunity to play the game Portal, but from everything I read I’d imagine that the developer of V is for Vortex was somewhat inspired by that critically acclaimed game. I’m not going to give V the benefit of being coined a “2D Portal”, however. The problem it is that while the concept is sound, the execution is way too basic. As the game stands right now, it feels more like an early version than a final product, at least as far as content is concerned. V really needs to be expanded on and toughened up before it’s ready for prime time.

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The Horrible Vikings in Review – Loot, pillage, plunder, hold the babe for ransom and free the kitties!

I think the only people who’ve not heard of Yetisports and more specifically the little flash game that started it all: Pingu Throw are the poor sods who’ve lived under a rock for the past 6 years. The original made its debut back in 2004 and paralyzed whole companies. I admit to having spent a fair bit of time on it myself. The Horrible Vikings is a similar game which features the same basic mechanics. But this time, things are taken to a whole new level.

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Paperboy in Review – An Awkward Ride Down Memory Lane

Paperboy was a huge arcade game back in the 1980s, and as with many retro arcade games – it’s attempting to bring some old school nostalgia as an alternative to the more stylized and ‘modern’ offerings on the App Store. But in the age of new media, the idea of an iDevice Paperboy is starting to become more ‘quaint’ and nostalgic.

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Balls to the walls – Collider Dev humiliates self for fame

Not sure how to tag this one… how ’bout: crazy coder; or: daemonic dev ? Still coming up short. Collider’s dev, Dan Russell-Pinson, certainly is. The mad chap has been chomping at the bit since 2007, creating flash games such as Tipping Point and Block Drop. Collider is another flash-based arcade game where users must eliminate balls of the opposite attraction. Sound crazy? It is until you find out what Dan has been up to. Evidently his family and friends started to worry after he began ‘defacing famous works of art’ in order to get the word out. While TMA doesn’t condone tipping over The Thinker, we don’t mind someone actin’ a little off in order to get the word out.

Collider is expected to crash into the App Store in late January. Till then, you can enjoy his other arcade games.

Block Drop Relaxing Puzzler Dan Russell-Pinson, Block Drop Relaxing Puzzler – $0.99

Furballs! Dan Russell-Pinson, Furballs! – $0.99

Video and worried press letter from family and friends following the gap.

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Tourist Lover in Review – take it off to get it on

If James Bond played video games, Tourist Lover, which places a fistful of romantic cities, 30 girls and breezy outfits in your palm, would be his staple pastime. Its goal is to liberate girls from their nearly thread-bare duds… and see what happens. Do it right and 007′s compliment, “That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing”, is most apt.

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