Year 2009 in retrospect by Apple – Best of Games and Apps


Well, Apple’s grand 2009 is slowly coming to a close. The App Store hit the 100,000 app mark, and even big publishers have graced our favourite platform with some great titles. To mark the “Rewind 2009” event, Apple have chosen 30 game and non-game apps they considered were the best of ’09, as well as listing the top sellers of the year. Before I publish the complete list I would like to note that I do not completely agree with them. And while it’s difficult to argue with sales numbers, the best apps and games rating is a bit baffling. That said, enjoy the “best of” after the break.

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Disney at Work: Epcot in Review – an inspirational app!

Disney at Work 1

Disney at Work: Epcot is well outside most of the reviews I’ve done for TMA. It’s not a game, but in fact a learning tool. The goal of the app is to teach, and it succeeds pretty well in doing just that. What you get out of it really has more to do with what you’re looking for in it. Disney at Work teaches two things: a history of Epcot, and how you can use the lessons learned from that in your own life/career/business.

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iThoughts (mindmapping) in Review – Visualise your thinking!


Update: (Contest now closed) Submit a comment in this review to to win 1 or 4 copies of iThoughts.

As everybody knows from their own experience, thinking is an extremely chaotic process. And understanding the big picture is often very difficult, especially when trying to keep in mind all of the various bits and pieces that often don’t even seem connected in any way. Well, really smart people (a group with which I have no relation) have dreamed up of a special class of software to help us poor sods get our minds in order. That class is dubbed “mind mapping”, and is now available for the iPhone.

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Black Friday App Sales Roundup!


Yesterday, we posted about EA and Gameloft’s great price drops. And as promised, we here at TouchMyApps have compiled a comprehensive round up of apps that are currently on sale for the Thanksgiving weekend. With loads of awesome games and non-game apps that can be had on the cheap (include FREE ones), I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll be worth your while and even tickle your fancy. We’ll be updating this list often, so be sure to follow up for latest price drops! Updates are denoted with  **

To all who celebrate this holiday, the entire crew at TouchMyApps wish you a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving!

HOT: Chillingo’s Super Shock Football FREE for 1 Day!

Roundup Updated: 5:39 PM EST Nov 27th

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myComics in Review – Kaboom.. Crash… Pow!..


Many people reading this article grew up on comic books like Spiderman or the X-Men. You lucky bastards. Growing up in the pleasure-devoid former USSR, it wasn’t until I was 10 that they first started appearing in my homeland. But now, all of us who missed such a large portion of world culture can finally catch up with the “Jesus” phone. And today we’re going to review an app for the poor sods like me:  myComics.

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Geocaching in Review – A new treasure every day!


Ever since I read Treasure Island, my mind has been full of dreams of finding buried treasures and going on pirate adventures. Well, that was when I was but a wee little lad – since then I’ve cleared my head of such nonsense, but still, the idea of how great it would be to go on a real treasure hunt haunts me. And then I heard of Geocaching…

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Pano in Review – Love is all around you!


I love taking pictures. When digital cameras got bit on the market, I finally felt free! And when I got the iPhone, I was stunned by the rather good quality of the photos from it and even printed out quite a few of them. Since then, I’ve been taking pictures left and right and noticed that one of my favourite shots  is the panorama – you know, the extra wide or long shot which looks great for landscapes. Well, now you can do that on the iPhone!

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RDM+ in Review – Have your PC with you anywhere… even without the PC!

Has it ever happened that when you get home, or are on a customer’s site, or even on vacation and remember that one critical file you forgot to take with you, or that e-mail you forgot to send? Well, it happened to me more than once (just don’t let my boss know). Well, Shape-Services, creators of the best messaging app on the iPhone, IM+, have released RDM+ – the ultimate answer to remote desktop control anywhere, anytime, using any connection!

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Wine Enthusiast Guide in Review – A personal sommelier in your pocket!


I love wine and simply can’t image my life without a glass of Cabernet after a hard day’s work. And the quality of wine matters so much. At the same time, I don’t earn enough to afford the really good stuff, so I often find myself wandering up and down the wine aisle at my local grocery store, trying to choose a bottle with a reasonable price/quality ratio. Well, MobilAge have provided Wine Enthusiast Guide (WEG) to help me and other poor sods like me.

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Clz Movies in Review – Your whole movie collection at the tip of a finger!


You know, I have quite a large movie collection. And sometimes it’s impossible to remember if I have a specific movie that I want to watch, so going to the store is a pain. Well, has provided a tool for this! Now you can reference your movies anywhere, anytime, and at the touch of a finger.

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