The Cartographer in Review – Old-style maps on your space age iDevice

Travelling abroad with an iPhone, one thing I always miss the most is cell data. While theoretically I could turn on roaming, I would have to mortgage my house to do so. And this also means that unless I find a Wi-Fi hotspot I’m stuck without the lovely Google Maps that I, as many others, have grown so accustomed to. And with my wife making extensive use of the handy My Maps feature of Google’s to plan our trip, this is even more depressing. And then I learned about The Cartographer by Tasty Pixel.

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WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner in Review – A business card organizer that fits right inside you iPhone

As a Customer Facing Project Manager I get to meet a lot of people. Whether this is a new client, someone I meet at a conference, or even an occasional acquaintance on a flight, every single person I meet can play a very significant part in my future career. After all, a business man’s strength is often defined by the extent of his network. And of course to this day the widely accepted way to exchange contact information is still the good old business card exchange. Then when all’s said and done, you’ll still have to spend precious time manually entering the information into your contact organizer of choice. But what if you could just snap a picture of the card and have it magically appear in your contacts? Now you can with WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner.

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OffMaps in Review – Find yourself on the map, even offline!


You know, there is a story going around the Russian iPhone community about a guy who, after his trip to Sweden for a couple of weeks, got nailed with a $30K phone bill. It is said that he was not aware that the Google Maps were downloadable and used the iPhone excessively for navigation. This is the reason why I always have data roaming turned off. But wouldn’t you love to use the awesome power of the “Jesus” phone to find your way around, even abroad? Well, there’s an app for that (I almost hate this phrase already)! Introducing, OffMaps.

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