Hungry Apple’s chip habit – RAMppetite


The jump from 32GB to 64GB in the newer iPod touch models means more than just a new-found ability to squeeze the rest of your audio library into the palm of your hand. It means that some poor sod from pathetically nourished countries like American, China, Germany, and Japan will have to go without – flash memory that is. Even the world’s biggest electronics company whose GDP outweighs the country of Argentina is carefully counting its chips. Samsung will be shipping fewer memory modules to non-Apple companies in the coming months, and in anticipation of the China Unicom/Apple deal which will bring the iPhone to China, Apple are sure to be more voracious than ever.

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ChiPhone – the biggest news around the world – again


Ranked ‘third the nerd’ in landsize, China isn’t about to be outdone when kicking up a media storm – especially when regarding the iPhone, a product of the world’s fourth largest country, the USA. Japan, USA, a few others, and now Canada – the world is awake, with arms stretched up, praying for the salvation of Chinese souls as the divine Jesus phone divinely descends upon the world’s oldest and largest civilisation.

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iProd to be available for touch in early 2010?


Some people say that the only thing capable of travelling faster than the speed of light is rumors. And have I got a juicy one for you. Okay, maybe it’s not a completely new one, but is still more than worthy of attention. We’ve all heard of the iTablet, Apple supposed strike at the netbook market, a hardware which many hoped would debut at Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event. Well, it seems we may not have to wait for much longer.

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ACS, Apple, and Etymotics – Oh My!


While it is still to early to reliably suss the future, there is definitely something clever about a partnership between three major audio companies. Started in April of this year, ACS and Etymotic joined forces to create force a bit of audiophile air into UK Apple Stores. Apple, undisputedly an audio company, happily obliged, and the HF2 + ACS custom sleeve was born.

More exciting is the buzz this product has created. Apple’s ubiquitous retail presence has led to inadvertent audiophiles who, upon asking a few questions at the store, discover a latent desire to upgrade. The excellent combination has earned a well-placed 2009 iPhone Accessory of the Year from Macworld.

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Microsoft on the iPhone – Badda boom, badda bing!


Have you tried out Microsoft’s new beta search engine, bing? If not, it is actually worth a shot. While typing (I still do that) in Safari’s address bar, or using the browser’s built in search field feels more natural after years of complacent surfing, I will admit that has some benefits. Microsoft are hoping that users will discover not only via computers, but via Apple’s iDevice. They released an SDK which should help developers add Bing functionality to iPhone applications.

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Welcome Snow Leopard!


Today, 28 August, Apple’s latest OSX iteration, Snow Leopard (10.6) will hit shelves at Apple stores and resellers around the world. The operating system has been overhauled in many key areas to afford users a faster, more streamlined computing experience. Under the bonnet, 10.6 brings many enhancements to Apple’s already excellent Leopard OS, some of which are OpenCL computing, a fully 64-bit architecture, enhanced QuickTime and key Finder enhancements. Other notables include Chinese writing input (for multitouch trackpad macs), Microsoft Exchange support, and key elements of the OS translated to Cocoa.

Perhaps more newsworthy, however, is that the new operating system is a 29$ upgrade for Leopard users, and for Tiger users who expect to pay 169$ to play with Apple’s newest cat, Snow Leopard will work for 140$ less.

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Apple Hit by another suit – this time, Samsung are in the bag


As if producing the most successful line of DAP (digital audio players) wasn’t enough, Apple find it necessary to chase nail-biting lawsuits left and right. This time, the lucky company have been insinuated in a steamy conspiracy bolstered the notorious crime syndicate led by the following: Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Suwon, Dell, Transcend, and RIM – each companies who use Samsung’s memory chips. The suspects are charged with 2009’s hand-in-the-cookie-jar crime: ripping off BTG International, Inc. memory designs. I’ve just got to side with BTG without whom, we would be stuck with 32MB iPods and 64MB ram in our computers.

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The Apple iPod Sock – Keeps going and going and goin…


There are many good, cheap iDevice protector/case products on the market, but few that can run the show. I mean, few that can talk politics, conduct press conferences, cater to the starving 5000, sweep up after the mess, and still maintain decency at the end of it all. The iPod sock, oft’ snubbed though it is, is akin to the above; it is a fully capable do-everything automaton which forgotten by many would-be purchasers, merely bides its time drudging the unglamorous life as the fabric that padds your iPod.

I change my socks nearly every day, but after 4 years, I have yet to change from my iPod socks to another product.

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iPhone 3G S Review Roundup


So you’re getting antsy waiting for the new iPhone 3G S to arrive. You can’t wait for the beefed up processor, the extra application memory, better battery life and a 3 megapixel camera. But ultimately, does the next gen iPhone live up to expectations? Thanks to Macworld’s 3G S review roundup, you can easily find out what some of the lucky few (aka ‘experts’) think of the incoming Jesus Phone. While most of the reviews are generally positive, Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and Wired’s Steven Levy do take the time to point out that because of the free feature-laden 3.0 software upgrade (copy and paste, MMS, tethering, spotlight search and more) , many current 3G users could very well do without the 3G S, or at least wait until they are eligible for the hardware upgrade without having to pay a premium.

Are YOU ready for the 3G S? Is the faster processor and improved battery life enough for you to make the jump? Take a gander at some of the excerpts and links to the reviews after the break.

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