Nokia to Apple: “All your stuff are belong to us”

Nokia have joined the myriad companies who have it in for Apple, attacking everything from WiFi to them darn cellular waves. Then, Apple countered with a suit of its own. That was fall 2009; but winter cometh and Nokia are back at it, this time gunning for every Apple gizmo to grace the hands of fans since… forever. The most recent suit lays claim to patents which would affect “virtually all” Apple products.

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iSlate – Apple’s Tablet rubbing off around the net

Thanks Computerworld Blog

It looks like Apple’s long, long, long-rumoured tablet computing device may have a name: iSlate. MacRumors report that Apple have held the name since 2007 when they purchased the domain name. Heading to the site now, doesn’t reveal much, but with Apple’s preference for secrecy, it is no surprise. Apple’s 26 January event — which just happens to be Apple’s _magical  Tuesday_ —  will cause me to fold my pessimistic hand. There will be a new touch-device unveiled in January. Whether a reader or a tablet, something is coming and it looks exciting to say the least.

Playboy and the iDevice – bunny love!


(Pun alert!) It’s been a long time coming, but Playboy and Apple have laid down the latex armour and rubber weapons in the release of an official 17+ Playboy app. For fans of the magazine, there is a lot of digital content to love, but iDevice Playboy isn’t quite as much of a so-called “hands-on” experience as its print version. Apple don’t allow nudity – though there are official ways to get it – so Hef’s software is rather an advert for the risque publication. And, in the spirit of subscript, Playboy comes at 1.99$, featuring November and December; but subsequent months require a payment of 1.99$ per. The price may be worth it however, as users get a grab at advice from their favourite celebs and bunnies covering anything from cars to stereos and sex advice. Imagine that, sex advice from a bunny…

Jump Games Pvt. Ltd., Playboy, 1.99$, 24.1 MB

Press info and pictures after the gap:

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Jailbreak – The App Store’s big daddy


Back when the iPhone was still suckling at the teats of limited web-apps, it had little to recommend itself other than its great touchscreen and OS. Fortunately, a group of pioneers forged their way into the device’s firmware and suddenly, the iPhone learned to walk. No longer just an Apple-branded phone with a few cute features: it became a viable alternative for the . It could run heaps of apps, some of which persist today through the App Store. Indeed, the Jailbreak community is the training wheels for the great dev community which exists on the iPhone today: a fact Apple wold be wise to remember in its ire to halt further Jailbreak developments.

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TGI Friday update: TGI Sales Commence…


TGI Friday sales have begun in the USA and Canada. Each year, Apple lay out great sales for consumers around Thanksgiving. Expect deals on Macs, MacBooks, iPods, TVs and many other products in the store. And, a quick check at Apple UK, Apple Canada, Apple AustraliaApple Germany, and many others reveals that Apple have spread the love to fans around the world.

Sales around the globe have already begun as can be seen here from the Apple UK store:


Microsoft on standards and interoperability – Silverlight install prompted


Quite classic really: Microsoft have uploaded a video of IE developer, Dean Hachamovitch, explaining the team’s strides in preparing IE9 for public release. The focus? Standards and interoperability. The crux of the joke is that Silverlight is Microsoft’s proprietary answer to Adobe Flash; and in order to watch the video, you must download compatibility component for Silverlight.

Still interested? Click here for the non-proprietary version (dubbed “PSP” MP4).

Thanks John Gruber.

Bobble Rep 111th Congress Edition madly rejected by Apple


Forget about Bobble Rep (an app illustrated by Tom Richmond) which should have been a fun, unique, new way for Americans to contact their government representatives. The app, which listed contact information for members of Congress has been rejected. Not because it might cause the iPhone to explode (even Apple figured out that this ain’t a terrorist app); not because citizens might contact their government – no. It is because, according to Apple’s approval guidelines, section 3.3.14 insinuates that the app ridicules public figures. Public figures – not even heads of state; not government ministers, public figures. There are a lot of public figures out there in the world – let’s see if Apple are ready to support such bland band-aid dogmas.

Rejection letter and article continued after the gap:

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Who needs a production schedule? Apple say devs don’t


Developers submit apps to Apple for approval and if all goes well, are given an approximate window when their app will appear at the App Store. Recently, an app was given the nod by Apple and its developer told that by the end of the month, it would be at the App Store. Well, three days later, in the first half of the October, it showed up for purchase. For some developers, premature app releases may ease birthing pains, but for some, quite the opposite is true.

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Apple Inner Earphones with Mic and Remote – breakage boners


Admittedly, Apple’s new In-ear Harphones are inexpensive in comparison to many other dual-driver models; and especially considering their functionality with the remote and mic, they may be a good deal. But, this white wonder is simply not an engineering marvel. For some, it is the cable which goes first, and for others, the filters get lost or strip the corkscrew. For 80$, they are one of the best options available for a balance of sound and features, but with the failure rate so high, it might be time for Apple to invest in engineers rather than just-graduated metrosexual designers with a penchant for ‘cute’.

Check after the gap for Apple Discussion information.

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C******e Allstars’ struggle with C*****ship in C*n*d*


W*F? Apple have just g***** **f yet again. This time, the word, ‘Cornhole’ — the i******t American slang for the b**n bag t**s — has been y****d from the Canadian App Store. With still-d*** *****s from the memorable f**** ***e where ‘i*********e’ was t****d from the online app o**y, Apple continue to s** *** **** ***s of enraged censorship. This time, consumers and devs alike are f****d to s***** ***** ***s to another round of v*******s p******g by Apple’s asterisks.

Dev. Games for the Common Good (JUFTi), creator of Cornhole All-Stars (TMA review), is stymied, and on good moral footing, has created a Facebook Group in opposition to Apple’s ban-hammer: Stop App Store Censorship. While this blogger cannot suss out what got under Apple’s bonnet, it is likely sexual innuendo – or at least, their understanding of it. Despite this, Apple continue to support racist, sexist, and feral fetishes to users without constraint – even if the apps support abuse. Meanwhile, JUFIi’s app has been censored.

** In order to keep this blog safe, I have removed all remotely offensive material from the first paragraph. Anything that merely hints at sexuality, sex, or the violence of such, has been removed. If you are confused, check out the normal version after the gap **

Games for the Common Good, Cornhole All-Stars, 0.99$, 29.9 MB
Cornhole All-Stars

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