Apple, iAds and Antitrust – whose war is it, Google?

iAds mobile advertising and Big Brother Steve:

It was bound to happen, right? Google got AdMob through thanks to Apple’s clever competition, iAds. But afterward, Apple pulled the welcome mat from big time advertisers such as Google’s AdMob. While Apple and Google are at it, the devs they represent are caught in a nasty loop. Adverts are their stake, their money, their hard work – a portion that the recent Apple/Google spat is threatening. Competition is good for driving innovation in the hardware/software market, but get over it Apple and Google: the advertising segment isn’t about you, it’s about the developers. Forcing them to take sides will win you an antitrust lawsuit which I hope both of you lose.

Apple: don’t tout your 200 000 apps then bar certain devs from advertising portion on the iDevice because they are represented by AdMob.

Google: quit whining. John Gruber is right: you started it.

It’s time for Big Evil and Big Brother to take the little guy, the dev, seriously. Taking sides in the news is one thing, banning your customers, is another.

Thanks CNN

Google: Browser to best the App Store


Believe it or not, Google are pushing their own agenda; an agenda that speaks of the strength of the web as the best content distribution system. A strength that will usurp the current juggernaut, Apple’s App Store. It would be a misstep if Google, the undisputed leader on the internet, did not support what is largely, its playground.

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