Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV

Have an Apple TV and live in the US? Hulu Plus – a premium video streaming service - has finally made its way onto Apple’s media receiver. Similar to Netflix, a monthly subscription of $7.99 allows you to watch on demand movies and TV shows from numerous content partners, including ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW and more. Hulu’s catalogue of shows can be found on their content page. If you’re already a subscriber, simply enter your login details under “Hulu Plus” on your Apple TV home screen. Otherwise, you can sign up through or directly on Apple TV using your iTunes account. New customers who sign up get 1 week free access to the streaming service. The Getting Started and Guided Tour videos can be found below.

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“Murder in the living room”, a short note on Apple’s upcoming launch and its unicorn products

While the best of us are busy scrutinizing Apple’s Event invitation for cabalistic symbols and hints on the nature of iPad 3, I’m more interested in what will become of Apple TV and what can happen if Apple gets serious about its hobby.

Steve Jobs’ legacy is undeniable – both in innovative products and a company that thinks differently. Apart from thinking, Apple is also good at selling; it’s already the world biggest computer and smartphone manufacturer, and the company is growing quickly. What kind of innovation does it have to bring now to sustain such growth?

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Apple Pre-empts Palm with iTunes update (part 12)


Nothing to see here: Apple’s newly released iTunes 9.0.2 update handily ousts the Pre back to Palm. Time and time again, Palm have gained backdoor access via hotwired USB routes to iTunes, tricking Apple’s media software into syncing the Pre as an iPod. And time and time again, their efforts have been stymied by a protective (and fully within-its-rights) Apple.

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Hi-Def video playback on the iPhone 3GS is real


Until very recently, iPhone HD playback has at best been a fabulous rumour and at worst, a marketing buzzword. Tear downs have revealed that the hardware is at least capable of 720p resolution playback, but still, there is no official software support and thus, no playback of such files. Purecaeli, an adventurous MacRumors member discovered that Air Sharing can be used to transfer and play HD files in both 720 and 1080 resolutions, but more importantly, that Apple’s schemes to limit the platform can be overrun without the need for jailbreaking.

[UPDATE] The iPhone 4G may have a higher resolution screen of 960*640 and is dubbed by a few, the iPhone HD. [Before we get to the meat of this, it is important to point out two limitations. First, uncompressed HD is simply too much for the iPhone 3GS – it does not have the bandwidth to provide smooth playback (nor really storage space) of RAW nor BD-quality files. Secondly, of course, the low-resolution screen of the iPhone means that the files do not display in HD, rather, they are viewed in the iPhone’s native 480*320 resolution. The importance of this find is that DVD and above resolutions can now be played without the perplexing second step of re-coding videos for the iPod]

Avatron Software, Air Sharing, 4.99$
Air Sharing (Document Viewer, File Storage)

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Remote in Review – A Perfect Extension to iTunes/ Apple TV

remote1Initially when Apple came out with its first iPhone/ iPod Touch app on the App Store, the Remote app, I just wasn’t interested in installing it, even though it was free. This was because whenever I was listening to music, I would be within reach of my computer, and therefore really don’t need the redundant control on my iPhone. However, when I recently bought an Apple TV to put next to my TV, I decided to give the application a go.

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