Apple Movie Trailers app now supports new iPad’s retina display

The boys are back for one last slice...

iTunes Movie Trailers, the app version of Apple’s popular movie trailer website of the same name, has been updated to support the new iPad’s 2048-by-1536 resolution display.

iTunes Move Trailers 1.1 is now designed for the spectacular Retina display on the all new iPad.

Aside from the high-res updates to the movie posters and other assets, the trailers themselves have also been improved. As long as you’re streaming them at “High Definition” (Settings –>Trailers –> Trailer Playback Quality), the trailers look awesome on the new iPad. If you’re watching them on LTE connections though, you may want to be careful and think about bumping down the quality settings a touch. Otherwise, your monthly data quota will be consumed before you can say “damn you movie trailers!”

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