Apple’s Black Friday Sale Leaked – iPad 2 will start at $458

Eager to know ahead of time what kind of deals Apple’s offering this Black Friday? According to a brochure received by 9to5mac, this year’s sale is quite similar to the ones offered in the past, with the iPad 2 , iPod Nano/Touch, Macbook Air/Pro and iMac being discounted.

The Macs will be $101 less, the iPads will go from $41-$61 discounts depending on capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB), the iPod nano will shave off $11 for both 8GB and 16GB storage sizes, the iPod touch will follow the iPad’s lead of bigger discounts for bigger capacities, ranging from $21-$41 discounts.

With the $101 discount, the entry model for the MacBook Air (11 incher) will come to just $898, which is a sweet deal if you’re planning on picking up the ultra portable notebook. Accessories will also go on sale – $11 off iPad 2 Smart Covers ($28 for polyurethane and $58 for the leather cover) , Apple Wireless Keyboards and Trackpads ($58 for each), $5 off of $50 iTunes gift cards and more. Apple’s Black Friday teaser page has already gone live, though you’ll have to wait 2 more days before being able to take part in this one-day shopping event.

[via 9to5mac]

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