App Store Boner: Apple’s arbitrary ousting of AppVault

Ray Wenderlich, author of AppVault and special developer contributor at TouchMyApps has been struck by some bad luck decisions lately. Unfortunately, none of them are his. AppVault is one of a few premium apps which does its job extremely well. But that may have been the problem. Two nights ago, AppVault was removed from the App Store at the request of one of Ray’s competitors, ALLABOUTAPPS, on the grounds that AppVault is “too similar and infringed on their copyright” in AppBox. Ray rightly points out on his blog AppVault, that according to US copyright law, ideas cannot be copied. And according to Ray, AppVault has a superior feature set to AppBox.

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AppBox Pro in Review – The Swiss Army knife 3 times over


Do you want to know how many kilometers is in a 100 miles? Or how much 100 euro is in US dollars tonight? Or how many days are left until Valentine’s day? Well, there’s an app for that. Too often, you’ll find these tools available as individual downloads, hence using up precious icon space on your iDevice. But not always! Introducing AppBox Pro, the place to go to for all those things you do on your iPhone once a year.

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