Jailbreak – The App Store’s big daddy


Back when the iPhone was still suckling at the teats of limited web-apps, it had little to recommend itself other than its great touchscreen and OS. Fortunately, a group of pioneers forged their way into the device’s firmware and suddenly, the iPhone learned to walk. No longer just an Apple-branded phone with a few cute features: it became a viable alternative for the . It could run heaps of apps, some of which persist today through the App Store. Indeed, the Jailbreak community is the training wheels for the great dev community which exists on the iPhone today: a fact Apple wold be wise to remember in its ire to halt further Jailbreak developments.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the App economy, but were afraid to ask!


You know, the Apple App Store is such a thriving market, that we can’t help but try to take a look at the bigger picture. If we talk about “Apps”, the real pioneer would probably have to be Facebook, who, after opening their doors to 3rd-party developers, have literally brought forth a whole new industry of small App development – an industry that is quickly changing the rules of business thanks to it it’s extremely low entry level investments and possible sky-high profits.

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C******e Allstars’ struggle with C*****ship in C*n*d*


W*F? Apple have just g***** **f yet again. This time, the word, ‘Cornhole’ — the i******t American slang for the b**n bag t**s — has been y****d from the Canadian App Store. With still-d*** *****s from the memorable f**** ***e where ‘i*********e’ was t****d from the online app o**y, Apple continue to s** *** **** ***s of enraged censorship. This time, consumers and devs alike are f****d to s***** ***** ***s to another round of v*******s p******g by Apple’s asterisks.

Dev. Games for the Common Good (JUFTi), creator of Cornhole All-Stars (TMA review), is stymied, and on good moral footing, has created a Facebook Group in opposition to Apple’s ban-hammer: Stop App Store Censorship. While this blogger cannot suss out what got under Apple’s bonnet, it is likely sexual innuendo – or at least, their understanding of it. Despite this, Apple continue to support racist, sexist, and feral fetishes to users without constraint – even if the apps support abuse. Meanwhile, JUFIi’s app has been censored.

** In order to keep this blog safe, I have removed all remotely offensive material from the first paragraph. Anything that merely hints at sexuality, sex, or the violence of such, has been removed. If you are confused, check out the normal version after the gap **

Games for the Common Good, Cornhole All-Stars, 0.99$, 29.9 MB
Cornhole All-Stars

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Palm Mojo SDK opens – Here’s to a short-lived Pre!


Apple’s wildly successful App Store was not the first mobile software catalogue, but it has been the most successful and with over 65 000 apps with a billion and a half sales, it is a digital steamroller. That Palm would enter the same market with the Pre was an easy forecast. As of 16 June, their SDK opened up to general development – a move that will take usher their Pre and its fanbase into the mainstream. Or will it?

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Updated: “Holy crap, this thing is fast” – Dev Black Pixel’s 3GS Benchmarks

rumour-iphone-3gs-powervrsgxWhile not a graceful runner, Donnovan Bailey was fast – especially as he gassed over the ‘fastest man on the earth’, Michael Johnson in a special fit-for-the-faker 150m race about 10 years ago. I saw it at the SkyDome and it deeply touched me, but what a crock! Well, the 3GS is no faker: it is a powerful machine that Black Pixel‘s ejaculation, “Holy crap, this thing is fast” certainly supports.

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The App Store – Apple’s Cash Cow?

Courtesy Oreilly's

Courtesy Oreilly's

Despite enormous hype surrounding the App Store and enthusiasm from developers and customers alike, Apple may not yet be making returns from the App Store that they had hoped. Visiting a tool from O’Reilly, LightSpeed Venture Partners’ Jeremy Liew proposes that Apple may have made revenue of only 20-45 million dollars US. 

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