Cops & Robbers has Arrived – Let the Game of Cat & Mouse Begin


Cops & Robbers from developer Glu gives the player the opportunity to play on both sides of the law. You’ll start each level as the criminal; making your way from beginning to end, collecting as much money as possible while attempting to find and steal a diamond, all while being closely pursued by the Fuzz! Complete the levels in the time allotted and unlock the ability to play through as the police. Be sure to check out our gameplay video after the jump!

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iLauncher – Giving you the Power to Obliterate your Enemies using your iDevice


Ever been in a situation where your mortal enemy was in the cubical next to you? The one individual who causes you to look inferior in front of your boss, because he completes his work on time while you’re desperately trying to slack off? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that if you had control of a missile launcher in the palm of your hand, you would cause his being to explode all over Suzie, that cute receptionist who refuses to date you? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions and aren’t currently in a padded white room, iLauncher is the application for you.

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