Call Of Duty: World At War: Zombies now available

Call-of-duty-zombies-preview-9With the iPhone and iPod Touch now widely considered as THE mobile gaming platform, most of the major game publishers – save for Activision (Call of Duty and Tony Hawk series, among others) -  have a presence at the App Store. Well, you can finally add them into the mix as Activision have dropped the Z-bomb with their release of Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies brings the classic Call of Duty: World at War zombie-slaying game mode to the iPhoneâ„¢ and iPod® Touch. Featuring the original zombie map “Nacht der Untoten” (Night of the undead), fight to survive in the barricaded bunker where it all began – and you can bring along your friends to help push back the endless waves of attacking zombies.

It should be noted that this isn’t a full blown or all new  Call of Duty, rather, it is based on the bonus zombie mode found on CoD: World at War. The great news though is that not only can you blow up ’em zombies, but you can do it together with up to 4 players in Wi-Fi multiplayer mode.  Stay tuned as ChiffaN will be reporting back shortly with his review.

Vivendi Games Mobile,  Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies, $9.99, 16 MB
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

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The Settlers now available for iPhone/iPod Touch

The-Settlers-Preview-2Last week, we touched on some of Gameloft’s upcoming iDevice games. One of them was a completely rebuilt port of the critically acclaimed RTS classic ‘The Settlers’ and the good news is that it has arrived at the App Store sooner than expected. Unlike some of the other well established genres (TDs, puzzlers etc), we have yet to see a steady flow of quality and must-have RTSes on the iPhone.

Gameloft, The Settlers, $6.99, 227 MB
The Settlers

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NBA Live for the iPhone now “Live” on App Store

nba-live-preview9For all you basketball fans out there, no doubt you’ve already penciled Oct 27th as the start of yet another NBA season. Personally, I can’t wait for my Raptors to be spanked by King James’ Cavaliers on their home opener (or not). But enough about what’s going to happen on the hardwood. On the virtual court, what’s certain is that gamers can finally take their favorite teams on the road and for the first time, play some sweet 5-on-5 ball on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Just released by Electronic Arts, NBA Live will deliver real league players, teams and a full 82 game season mode to help ease your thirst for all things basketball. Much like Madden and FIFA 10, you’ll be paying a “premium” price ($9.99) to play Live on your iDevice. Granted, if you’re a die-hard fan of the long running hoops series, there won’t be much debate as to which your next App Store purchase will be (In the voice of Marv Albert: “Yesssssssss!”). More casual fans of the sport may want to wait for our review before stepping up to the free throw line. Let the games begin!!!

EA Sports, NBA Live, $9.99, 101 MB
NBA Live by EA Sports

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NexStudio’s Napkin Master – the safe way to impress her

napkin-master1Short-sighted customers will see simple serviette arrangements, but the truth is that NexStudio, the dev behind Napkin Master, are bloody philandering geniuses. With a few hours’ boning up on table etiquette, you too can flourish a fancy dinner table, or complement the powder-nosed waiter at an uppity restaurant on state of the joint’s Arum Lily arrangement. While the word choice may echo with swallowed sniggers, the usefulness of Napkin Master (guffaw!!!) surely goes far beyond simple place settings.

NexStudio, Napkin Master, 1.99$, 3.2 MB
Napkin Master

For more on Napkin Master, follow the gap.

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Another Maya Calendar app predicts earths’ demise


Look out. Take cover. Run. Not sure if any of that will help though. Maya Calendar comes at the turn of the tide, as we wallow in our lunatic ways, blithely summoning the destruction which wrecked havoc among our mortal friends, the Maya. KeeWee tech, the dev responsible for warning us of the coming cataclysm are responsible for quite a few niche apps which come with suitably niche prices; in all likelihood, the Calendar, which predicts nothing less than another Mayan cataclysmo, is preying on a niche gullibility; nay, a susceptibility to bad news which sits deep within the human soul.

App Description:
According to the Mayan calendar, the current Golden Age (the fifth), will end on 21 December 2012. The previous four eras (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) would all end with huge environmental upheavals. According to various researchers, the cataclysms that marked the end of the Mayan Ages were caused by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, due to a shift of the planet. Do you want to know how much time is left on this fateful date?

Download Maya Calendar!

KeeWee Technology, Maya Calendar, 0.99$, 1.1 MB
Maya Calendar

A better option, however comes after the gap.

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Rock on with Rock Band on the iPhone/iPod Touch

rock-band-preview2Rock Band, the critically acclaimed music game that has graced just about every video game console, has finally made its way to the App Store. Published by perennial heavyweight Electronic Arts, Rock Band on the iPhone and iPod Touch will allow players to jam on the guitar, drums, bass and vocals to 20 legendary tunes (Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and more). Much like its console counterpart, you can even play with up to 4 friends via Live Bluetooth Multiplayer. And as expected, a built-in music store will allow you to purchase additional tracks to jam to – 2 song packs for $1, as opposed to $2 per track found on the console.

There’s no doubt that hardcore fans of the Rock Band series will be all over the iDevice release, even at its $9.99 price point. That said, the App Store’s current top seller Tap Tap Revenge 3 ($0.99) will surely be giving EA’s Rock Band a run for its money. TMA’s Matthew will be testing out his musical skills and pumping up the jam on the review shortly, so stay tuned!

Electronic Arts, Rock Band, $9.99, 158 MB

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Bowman Defense = Patapon meets castle defense

bowman-defense-preview1Triniti Interactive, with the solid Ancient War already under their belt, have released yet another castle defense type game, this time in the form of Bowman Defense. Clearly inspired by the legendary Patapon on the PSP (arguably one of the best games ever for Sony’s mobile device), Bowman Defense features Patapon look-a-like warriors (aka bowmen) who have been charged with defending their castle.

Imaging a sky full of flying arrows! Experience the craziest bowman game ever!

Bowman Defense is a creative castle defense game. Defend your castle with a group of bowmen. Slide your finger to drag the bow, aim and shoot everything moving towards the castle gate.

Defend you castle long enough to gain fund for upgrading to new weapons, power-ups and technologies.

If castle defense is your cup of tea and Triniti Interactive’s Patapon-like game design evokes warm fuzzy feelings from your PSP years, Bowman Defense may just be what the doc ordered. A lite version (less skills, enemies, weapons etc) is also available at the App Store for those who prefer to try before they buy. To see the game in action, check out the trailer after the break.

Triniti Interactive, Bowman Defense, $0.99, 6.7 MB
Bowman Defense

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Elven Chronicles now available for the iPhone

elven-chronicles-preview3Big Blue Bubble, an experienced dev team who are also responsible for the upcoming Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain on the Nintendo DS, have just released Elven Chronicles for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This well received RPG first made rounds on mobile phones as a Java based game a few years back and was even the winner of Pop Vox’s Best Mobile Game award.

Elven Chronicles puts the player in the shoes of a young knight, fighting to discover the secrets of his forgotten past, and a charismatic elf on quest for self redemption. With a massive 20 hours of captivating story, vast territories to explore, randomly generated dungeons, and gorgeous, hand drawn enemies and characters, Elven Chronicles will keep even the most seasoned RPG’er engaged.

While the App Store has yet to see premium (and best selling) RPGs like Zelda and Final Fantasy, there have been plenty of quality RPGs that have made their way to the iDevice (see our round up of the best App Store RPGs here).  Needless to say, Big Blue Bubble have high hopes for Elven Chronicles on the iPlatform and another successful run of this port will be icing on their cake.  Stay tuned for Chiffan’s review of this promising title and in the meantime, check out more screenies and gameplay trailer after the jump.

Big Blue Bubble, Elven Chronicles, $3.99, 7.4
Elven Chronicles

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Real Soccer 2010 – new boots for a new year


Football fans have one more reason to rejoice now that the closely-knit Korean family are united as qualifiers for the first time ever in the world’s biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup. The other reason? Gameloft’s Real Soccer 2010 is out at the App Store and so far has sustained a fan-lined introduction.

For full details, follow the jump, or visit our Press Release.

You can grab it below:

Gameloft, Real Soccer 2010, 6.99$, 114 MB
Real Soccer 2010
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Dexter the Game now available for the iPhone

dexter-the-game-preview3Dexter the Game, one of the more eagerly awaited titles for the iDevice, has finally sneaked into the App Store for the kill. As most of you already know, Dexter is arguably one of the best TV shows around (certainly one of my favorites) that follows the story of Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst for the Miami police department who leads a double life and morphs into a menacing serial killer by night (stalking only those who deserve it of course…)

Help Dexter serve justice and protect his identity while testing your investigative skills. Analyze crime scenes, uncover evidence, and choose which brand of justice best suits the situation: the courts or the Dark Passenger. The outcome of every choice and action revolves around the Code of Harry: only kill the guilty, maintain the Mask, and, above all, don’t get caught!

This visually stunning game also features an original storyline written by series producer Tim Schlattmann and voice overs by the man himself, Michael C. Hall. The early feedback on iTunes has been generally positive and it’s looking like fans of the TV series should definitely be checking out Dexter the Game, one that could very well propel into the App Store Top 10 bestsellers in no time.

Marc Ecko Entertainment, Dexter the Game, $5.99, 396 MB
Dexter the Game

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