[Updated] 8 Capcom Games on sale for $0.99 + more deals

Capcom, who recently updated Street Fighter IV with 2 new characters (E.Honda and C.Viper), has just dropped 8 of their popular titles to a $0.99. Now Resident Evil 4 and Mega Man II can be had for only a buck. Here’s the complete line up:

Aside from Capcom’s price drops (which will last through the weekend), other notable games have also dropped to $0.99, including Iron Man 2 and Crayon Physics Deluxe! Check out the rest of the list after the gap!

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Freebies Roundup: BowQuest: PandaMania!, Virus Laboratory and more Free for limited time

This edition of our Freebies Roundup is stacked with a wide range of quality and noteworthy games, ranging from puzzlers, rpgs, action to even the time management genres. It’s easily one of the better roundups we’ve come across in the last little while. BowQuest: PandaMania!, a unique and mindlessly fun Castle Defense game with zany power ups is now free for all to enjoy on their iDevice. Virus Laboratory (TMA Review), a highly addictive match-3 and personal favorite of TMA’s very own Lucy Felthouse is also a freebie. And for those looking for deals on their iPad, Glyder 2 and Underworlds Ultimate Edition have joined the paid–>free crowd as well.

Lots of goodies can be found within, but as always, be sure to hurry as some of the freebie offers are only good for a very limited time!

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Updated: Dollar Bin Round Up: iDevice games and apps currently on sale for $1

Update: Gameloft has just announced that several of their best selling titles (Driver, Settlers, Rayman 2 and more) are now on sale for $1! Links have been updated in the roundup.

When it comes to App Store price drops, nothing beats quality games and apps that have gone from paid–>free. Of course, the next best thing is often the $1 deals, a price point that has long become a sweet spot for app shoppers. Ranging from the indie dev to the powerhouse publishers like EA and Gameloft, plenty of great games have recently dropped in price to a buck. SEGA has even launched their own sale (thanks to Sonic’s B-day), with both their classics Streets of Rage and Golden Axe ringing in at only $0.99.

As you already know, App Store sales come and go. So be sure to grab whichever tickles your fancy ASAP before prices go back to normal. Enjoy!

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EA’s 48 Hour Dollar Sale!

EA has just notified us that some of their top selling and most popular games for the iPhone/iPod Touch will be on sale starting tonight at 9:00PM PST. They include Need for Speed Shift, C&C RED ALERT, Trivial Pursuit, FIFA World Cup and more. Many of these awesome games were previously released at the $10 mark and can now be yours for only a buck during this crazy blitz. If you’ve been holding out on picking up these EA games due to a tight budget, this is the time to grab ’em all. Remember the sale ends June 23rd @ 9PM PST!

Updated: Freebies Roundup – Snail Mail, HELLKID and more FREE for limited time

Update: Some sweet additions have been added to our roundup, including Tilt to Live, iGameDock (app with 3 new games every 2 weeks) and more!

The (Father’s Day) weekend is just around the corner and the App Store is once again littered with great Freebie Deals. Snail Mail (TMA Review), one of the most underrated racers and polished racers (also one of my favs in the genre) leads this round up. Just don’t be too quick to judge – this Snail moves like Speedy Gonzalez and can race with the best of ’em! Also free is the highly addictive and recent hit HELLKID : hook & jump. If you dig a pick-up-and-play game that’s surprisingly fun, you’ll love HELLKID.

The complete roundup right after this space. And don’t forget, if you missed our previous Freebies  Roundup, many of the games are still Free…so hurry!

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Hot news of the day – Guess the News is FREE for a day!

We’ve got stellar news for you folks! FingerArts has just informed me that their highly acclaimed game, Guess the News, has just been set FREE for a day in collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day project. Our beloved Enuh reviewed Guess the News back in late Fall 2009 and was very much impressed with the game and awarded it a firm Grab-It rating.

More than just a novelty, Guess the News is a great word puzzle game with a unique concept and an educational component. A steal at $0.99, it offers unlimited game content, informative news and an enjoyable game experience that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s a game for all ages and discriminating game tastes.

Guess the News Finger Arts, Guess the News (TMA Review) – Free

And if you missed our Freebies Roundup yesterday, be sure to check out some of the more notable games that have recently gone free.

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Updated: Freebies Roundup – BloodyRush, The Hive and more FREE for limited time

Update: Com2uS’ mighty fun and action-packed Heavy Gunner is now FREE for limited time as well. Several other new titles have also been added to our roundup.

This week’s first Freebie Roundup post is back and we’ve hand picked some of the more notable and worthwhile games that have recently dropped in price to free on the App Store. iBlast Moki (TMA Review), one of the hit games from ’09, dropped to $0 a few days ago and still remains a free download. There’re plenty more in our roundup (currently 12 titles), so be sure to take a peek after the break and see if you can find one or more that tickle your fancy.

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Updated – Freebies Roundup: Plushed, Pool Ninja and more FREE for limited time

Update: Our roundup has been updated with several more high profile freebies, including PuzzleQuest Chapter 1 and 2 (one of my favs on the PSP) and Racer!!

Several days ago, we posted a nice round up of some App Store freebies (some of the drops are still in effect, so grab ’em!). Well the weekend is just around the corner and we’ve got ourselves another batch of quality paid–>free games/apps. Fans of the platform genre will love Plushed, a delightful and unique adventure-platformer that puts a plushed bunny-knight in charge of saving the princess. The well thought out puzzles and lovely artwork make this a worthwhile addition to App Store collection. Also free is Pool Ninja, a surprisingly fun pool game where the goal is clear each stages objectives in the least amount of time (ie clear table of only certain colored balls). If you like Pool/Billards, there’s a good chance you’ll have some fun with this one.

For the full Freebies roundup (and there’re lots of them), be sure to take a peek after the break…Do hurry though as some of these deals are only good for 1 day!

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Freebies Roundup: Battle of Puppets, :Shift: and more FREE for limited time

It may only be early in the week, but lots of quality App Store titles have dropped in price and can be enjoyed gratis. Battle of Puppets (TMA Review), one of more unique castle defense games on the iDevice, is now a free download until the 15th of June. B.O.P’s eye-catching visuals, cute premise and fun gameplay makes this a great addition to the defense genre. Also free is the highly addictive and original platform puzzler :Shift:. Developed by Armored Games, this flash based game will force you to use your noggin’ to get from A to B (an exit door). Highly recommend!

For the full Freebies roundup, be sure to take a peek after the break…Hurry though as some of these deals are only good for 1 day!

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Price Drop Roundup: Kyle’s Quest 2, Demon Hunter and more FREE for limited time

In celebration of the huge update to the massive and epic TBS game Battle for Wesnoth, Kyle’s Quest 2 is now a free download. For those of you who search high and low for all the quality RPGs that find a home at the App Store, the award winning K.Q 2 would likely have been on your radar for its old school charm and hours upon hours of gameplay.

Also free today is rockifone’s (devs behind Dragon Slaughter) Demon Hunter – Fight or Die, a decent looking 3D dual stick shooter that should please fans of Minigore and the newly released Pirate’s Treasure. Want more freebies? Check out a few other notables after the break!

Kyle's Quest 2 Kyle Poole, Kyle’s Quest 2 – Free

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