Apollo Browser + IM updated with Chrome/Firefox sync and more

ApolloBrowser+IM, one of the more useful Safari alternatives on iOS, has now added Chrome and Firefox sync to its number of features. With the new sync abilities, you can leave your desktop and pickup where you left off on your iPhone/iPad – bookmarks, tabs and browser history will appear within Apollo. To enable sync though, you do have to carry out two steps beforehand: Install Firefox Sync and/or Chrome Sync apps on your iDevice, as well as the desktop extensions for Firefox and Chrome. All the data are stored using Google Docs, so your google password isn’t sent to or saved by the developer. Even if accessing your bookmarks and tabs aren’t essential on the go, Apollo does offer nifty features like video pop out (watch a video and continue visiting other webpages at the same time), two panel Google Reader functionality, tabbed browsing, adblock and of course, Facebook Chat. For the price of Free, Apollo is certainly worth checking out. Video demo of the app in action after the break.

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