Asian Cooking For Dummies HD lends a helping hand on the iPad

Ever thought about brushing up your (Asian) culinary skills in the kitchen to impress your better half? Well if you own an iPad, the learning experience should be even more enjoyable now that Asian Cooking For Dummies HD has found its way onto the App Store. We reviewed the iPhone version early this year and found it to be quite the handy app. Now tweaked for the iPad’s larger screen, A.C.F.D HD offers over 60 recipes from four countries: China, Japan, India and Thailand. Also included are recipe cards, step-by-step instructions, demo videos, a measurement converter, timer and even a shopping check list tool.

Asian Cooking For Dummies HD Anuman, Asian Cooking For Dummies HD, – $2.99

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Anuman’s $0.99 Weekend Sale

French publisher Anuman Interactive just launched their “Summer Discount Operation” and as part of the promo, some of their most popular games will be on sale for $0.99 over the weekend. Best known for their multipart point and click adventure titles, games like Dracula The Path of the Dragon HD – Part 1 (TMA Review) and Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 (TMA Preview) can now be had for a buck each. So essentially you can now pick up the entire set for $3. Pretty decent considering they’d have cost over $10 before the price drop. If you enjoy adventure games as well as HOGs (hidden object games), be sure to check out the entire list after the gap.

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Take the future into your own hands in Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 2

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 1 (TMA Review) – the latest adventure by the Tetraedge games team, released under the watchful eye of Anuman Interactive. You play the role of Madeline, Nostradamus’ daughter, who has to unravel the enigmatic series of murders in the court of Catherine de’ Medici. Not everyone, however, has the same trust in her abilities as the great prophet and so Madeline has to disguise herself as her brother Cesar, who is out travelling.

I felt the story was off to a great start and had a nice balance of puzzles and narrative. The second part that has just been released offers even more puzzles centered around the mystic arts of Astrology, Alchemy, Pharmacy and runic symbols. Can you change the future and defeat Nostradamus’ last prophecy?

Nostradamus The Last Prophecy - Part 1 Anuman, Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 1 – $3.99
Nostradamus The Last Prophecy - Part 2 Anuman, Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 2 – $3.99
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Asian Cooking for Dummies in Review – Dinner Is Served!

Being an Asian myself, I can say with a great deal of certainty that Asian dishes can more than hold their own with what the rest of the world can offer. There’s a reason why a good number of them are very popular in the world’s other six continents.

And as I discovered with Asian Cooking For Dummies, they’re also fairly easy to cook despite their elaborately-prepared appearances. With 60 traditional video recipes from China, India, Japan and Thailand, this easy-to-use app should make you kitchen-bound in no time.

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Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 1 in Review – Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here. I shall be… on iOS!

Tetraedge Games are currently one of the more prominent players on the App Store’s adventure gaming scene. Porting various PC adventure titles, they are responsible for such great games as Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island, Jules Verne’s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island, Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon and the most recent Egypt The Prophecy. This time they have graced us with an adventure centered around the famous prophet, Nostradamus, with the release of their latest title – Nostradamus The Last Prophecy – Part 1.

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Price Drop O’ the Day: Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition now $0.99

Just recently, we posted about the release of Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition for the iPad, which many of you know on the iPhone as Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island (TMA Review). Unlike the iPhone version however, which was re-engineered for the smaller screen, the “Deluxe Edition” is a straight port of the popular PC game. For those of you who’ve not played this fun and engaging 1st person adventure, here’s the basic premise:

While participating in the famous solo round-the-world sailing expedition – the Jules Verne Trophy – the navigator, Mina, strands on a island without any way to contact the emergency services. Therefore the courageous young woman will only rely on her senses and her ability to recuperate, before trying to escape the island. However, a mysterious shadow hovers over this land, cut off from the world, which does not appear so uninhabited as it seemed at first sight…

Its original price point of $9.99 may have dissuaded some of you from picking this up on the iPad, but now that it’s currently on sale for $0.99 , RtMI’s certainly become a nice bargain for hours of puzzle and mystery solving.

Retour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse - Deluxe Edition Anuman, Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition – $0.99

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Egypt The Prophecy rises out of the sand from the App Store!

Almost half-a-year ago I posted an exclusive preview of an adventure game by Tetraedge, well known for such titles on the AppStore as Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island, Jules Verne’s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island and of course, their recent hit Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon. I was very impressed by the ambiance of the game, known then as The Egyptian Prophecy, as well as the excellent graphics, puzzles and story. Unfortunately due to some changes in the coporate world the game had been frozen in the almost ready state for a few months. But thankfully, now all issue have been resolved and with a minor change of name, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 has found it’s way onto the AppStore, with the other 2 parts to be available soon. Be sure to check out my preview of the game or just pick it up to enjoy for yourself. Oh yeah, and there’s a video after the gap as well.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 Anuman Interactive, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, 299.72MB – $3.99

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Sinking your teeth into Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon for FREE

Love adventure games, but still on the fence about picking up Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 (TMA Review) – the beautiful and atmospheric vampire-hunting adventure? Well, have I got great news for you! Anuman Interactive, the current owner of the franchise, has just informed me that in conjunction with Chillingo they will be setting Part 1 of the thrilling story FREE for an entire week. So mark your calendars and get some blood in the fridge – you’ll soon need it!

And if you require some help during your Dracula journey, be sure to visit Tetraedge’s official support forums right here on TMA!

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  1 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 – FREE (May 21 – 27)

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  2 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 2 – $1.99

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon - Part  3 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 3 – $1.99