10 New App Store Games To Watch [November 5 – 11]

This was another week with a lot going on, and as happens quite frequently on the App Store there was plenty to signify a “blast from the past”.  First up was the release of Icy Tower 2, and before you say it’s “just another infinite jumper”, keep in mind that this series existed long before Doodle Jump.  It doesn’t really add anything new to the genre, but it’s free and quite entertaining.  If you prefer retro in terms of “a long time ago” there’s Angry Birds Star Wars.  Yeah, I don’t quite get the need for this combination either, but I’m sure that just like the other installments of the series it will get consumed by the masses.  If you like retro simply for the look you might check out Poltergeist: 16 bit horror.  It definitely looks like a ROM from a console machine circa the 16 bit era, but it plays just as well as any modern puzzle game.

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Rovio releases official gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars

After posting several video teasers over the past month, Rovio has released the official gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Star Wars. In partnership with Lucasfilm, the Star Wars themed Angry Birds includes your favorite characters like Han Solo, Chewie, Luke Skywalker and more. The classic and beloved catapult gameplay is all there (even the physics from Angry Birds Space), and adding to mix are lightsabres, blasters, jedi powers and so forth. Judging from the video, fans of both Star Wars and Angry Birds should be in for a treat. The game releases for iOS and Android (as well as other platforms) on November 8th and you can check out the official tumblr page for more info.