CNET: 5 Reasons Why Android better than iPhone [Video]

According to Gartner’s recent Smartphone Market report, Android accounted for 25.5% of worldwide sales, compared to “just” 16.7% for the iPhone. But numbers aside, which is the better smartphone? Well, leave it to CNET’s Brian Cooley to answer this hotly debated question. Comparing the “two universes” (OS, devices, apps, carriers), Cooley takes a quick look and explains why Android is the superior product. He certainly gives valid reasons, but there’s no denying that faithful iPhone 4 users will think otherwise and can just as easily give 5 reasons of their own on why Apple’s phone takes the cake.

So what do you think? You agree that Android is better than the iPhone because of things like native flash support or the abundant choices of handsets? Video after the break!

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Fanboi VS Fanboi – there is no middle ground

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Get over it Fanbois, you can’t separate your favourite product from the pile of others. Security this, security that, market penetration, user base – irrelevant to proving which product is ‘better’. Want to talk about app numbers? About OEM growth? Go ahead. But no matter how you crack it, you’ll only prove one point: that you are capable of only proving one-sided points.

In this article, I will aimlessly rail on the sort of clueless fanbois blogger we see around the net.

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AppSlappy Podcast Ep. 44 – “Android has been productive!”

In the latest installment of the excellent AppSlappy Podcast, Scott and Eric discuss the Android topping iPhone mobile traffic (US) in the month of March and what this likely means in the grand scheme of things. Other news/reviews you’ll find in this episode include:

You can download this week’s episode of AppSlappy directly and/or subscribe via iTunes. If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, we highly recommend you give Scott and Eric’s show a try. It’s a great source for all things iPhone and iPad and one of the best you’ll find in the podcast world. Enjoy!