All-In-1 Alarm Clock In Review – Replace That Clunky $10 Clock With Your Own $600 Jesus Tablet Clock!

I read recently that with smartphones now having such dynamic and reliable alarm clocks, the standard bedside clock is on the way to extinction. Well here to put another nail in that coffin is All-In-1 Alarm Clock, a pretty damn good alarm clock app by developers

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Excelltech’s new iPhone Alarm Clock App Announces Time When Asked

Yankton, South Dakota – The recently released ‘Wake Up Now? – Alarm Clock’ application for iPhone and iPod touch aims to help light sleepers get a good nights rest. The first thing one thinks when awaking before the alarm sounds is, “How much longer till the alarm?”. Answering this question used to require turning ones head and squinting at the clock. Now, groggy risers simply need to give an audible grunt to get the answer they seek.

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iMusiClock in Review – Time to smell the Coffee!


Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 has deepened the digital waters in which apps get to splash around. For this reason, several apps have ticked into the App Store that promise to restore grace into getting out of bed. At 99 cents, iMusiClock is and inexpensive enough  attempt at making a truly great alarm clock/sleep timer for everyone who is sick of Apple’s robot. While it makes good on the music portion of its name, how does it fare as an alarm?

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AlarmTunes in Review – Kicking the Robot


If there’s anything worth getting dressed for in the morning, it is a new way to wake up. Chances are that you have wedged yourself into a rut, listening to the same alarm every morning and vowing that someday, you will toss it out the window. Well, AlarmTunes is a new app that will wake you up from the dreary night with the pizzaz that radiates from your own music. I’ll say it here, for 99 cents, it makes the drudgery of stuffing yourself into pants worthwhile.

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