Try Before You Buy – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps4As you may already know, TouchMyApps keeps track of lite app releases at the App Store and rounds up those that are noteworthy and possibly worth your while. Recently, Gameloft let loose two of their hit games for you to try: Castle of Magic,one of the most polished and fun platformer the iDevice currently offers and Rise of the Empire, a well received RTS that will have you playing as both humans and orcs. Eliss, one of the more unique and challenging multi-touch puzzlers, also has a lite version with 3 playable sectors. With the release of the amazing Real Racing and not to be left in the dust, I-Play now invites you to ‘test drive’ their Fast and Furious The Game. There is certainly a range of games to try out below, from airline sim to casual puzzle titles. So be sure to have a look; you may very well find a few that will tickle your fancy (and credit card).